Girls bag

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All girls love beautiful bags!

And because I am a girl myself, I started thinking what I would have liked when I was a child. It was just so fantastic, searching for inspiration in my own childhood. (because I ‘only’ have boys, I just love making girly stuff).


So choosing colours was not hard at all : fucsia, rose and turquoise. Adorable colours. I choose  Scheepjeswol Roma Hidde , wonderfull yarn in great colours, it is very strong and works up really beautiful and easy.


I decided to go for retro as well, vintage is very trendy, and I love it a lot. I also wanted a very large closure, a closure that ‘makes that great CLICK sound, when you open or close it’. (let’s all admit it : we all love the sound of a good bag closure). And I also wanted a large strap, so you can decide to wear the bag ‘very feminine like a real lady over your shoulder’ or ‘just throw it over your body to carry it with you and continue your important playing or discovering adventures’. And it is als crucial you can put lots of important items and treasures in it, so the bag needs to be strong. So I added a lining. (by hand).


And cherries : of course : the cherries. Sweet and tasty retro cherries, to give this bag that little ‘extra’.

I have decided I will spend my entire weekend feeling like ‘a little adventurous girl’ 🙂


And next week I am happy to share the crochet pattern with you.

I wish you all a ‘fantastic happy girly-weekend’!  (and because this bag can also be made in boys colours – our little son already ordered one – I can only wish you a ‘happy boys-weekend’ as well!)

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