Free pattern girls bag

(For Dutch, voor Nederlands : kijk hier )

A crocheted bag for happy girls, very handy and roomy.
In catchy girly colours.
The design has a vintage retro-look.
The cherry brooches totally finish the look!

I am happy to share the free pattern with you today. So you can all make your own girls bag !!

What do you need?

– Yarn : Scheepjeswol Roma Hidde : 2 skeins shade fuchsia, 2 skeins shade turquoise and 1 skein shade rose.
– Crochet hook : 5 mm (or any other size hook to obtain correct gauge)
– 1 large bag closure (or 2 smaller ones).
– scissors, tapestry needle, and if you decide to line your bag : fabric, vlieseline and sewing thread.
– for the cherries : a small thread of Roma Hidde green (or you also decide to use turquoise of course), and some brooch pins.

Info :

– Used stitches : chain (ch), slipstitch (slst), single crochet (sc), single crochet 2 stitches together (sc2tog). I use US crochet terms.
– Gauge : 13 sc x 16-17 rows = 10 x 10 cm or 4 inches.


Pattern info :

– the bag is worked in separate pieces, who are crocheted together at the end. (so no sewing needed, except for the lining).
– Turn after each row.
– 1 chain does NOT count as 1sc, this means you work the first stitch IN the first stitch, next to the turning chain.

Body of the bag (in fuchsia)

– Row1 : Chain 34, start in 2nd ch : 1sc in every ch : 33sc, turn. (33sc)
– Row 2 – 105 : 1ch, 1sc in every sc : 33sc, turn. (33sc)
– Row 106 : 1ch, 1sc , sc2tog, 27sc, sc2tog, 1sc in last sc, turn. (31sc)
– Row 107 : 1ch, 1sc , sc2tog, 25sc, sc2tog, 1sc in last sc, turn. (29sc)
– Rij 108 : 1ch, 1sc , sc2tog, 23sc, sc2tog, 1sc in last sc, turn. (27sc)
– Rij 109 : 1ch, 1sc , sc2tog, 21sc, sc2tog, 1sc in last sc, turn. (25sc)
– Rij 110 :  1ch, 1sc , sc2tog, 19sc, sc2tog, 1sc in last sc, turn. 23sc)
– Rij 111 : 1ch, 1sc , sc2tog, 17sc, sc2tog, 1sc in last sc, turn.( 21sc)
– Rij 112 : 1ch, 1sc , sc2tog, 15sc, sc2tog, 1sc in last sc.(19sc) At the end, cut yarn and cast off.

Sides of the bag (in rose) (make 2 identical sides)

– Row 1 : Chain 36, start in 2nd ch : 1sc in every ch : 35sc, turn. (35sc)
– Row 2 – 16 : 1ch, 1sc in every sc, turn. (35sc). At the end of row 16, cut yarn and cast off. (35sc)

Strap (in turquoise)

– Row 1 : Chain 141, start in 2nd ch : 1sc in every ch : 140sc, turn. (140sc)
– Row 2 – 11 : 1ch, 1sc in every sc, turn. (140sc).
– Finishing round : after row 11 : fold your strap in 2, so row 1 and row 11 are together, and next work 1 round of sc around entire strap : 1ch, 1sc in every stitch around, work 3sc in the corners, to form nice roundings. This means you first work sc in round1 and 11 together (by inserting in both rows), next you make 1 corner, followed by sc along 1 short side, making another corner, next you work along the second long side, 1 corner, and you end with the second short side, and the last corner. At the end, close the round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off.

Crocheting the separate pieces together (with turquoise)

– The rose side parts are now attached to the fuchsia body of the bag.
– Work as follows : Take the body of the bag, right side facing, and also take 1 side part. Place base chain of short side (also right side facing) on long side part of body. Now sc both sides together with turquoise : you actually work sc by inserting in 1stitch of the side of the body and in 1chain of the side. Do this until you reach the bottom of the rose side : you have made 35sc.
– Now continue and attach the small part of the rose side to the body, by simply crocheting along : 1sc in 15 stitches.
– Next work along the second long rose side and sc together with the body : 35sc. Cut yarn and cast off.

– Work the same way for the second side.

– By crocheting parts together you have created a nice piping effect.

Attaching the strap (with turquoise)

– Sew the bottom parts of the strap thorougly on the sides of the bag : in the center.

Afwerking :

– Weave in all ends.
– Finishing round for the body of the bag : With turquoise : work 1 round of sc along upper side of bag : cast on along 1 side with 1slst, and work 1sc in every stitch : all along bag opening, also around the flap. Close round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off.
– Attaching the closure : attach 1 part of the closure in the center of the flap and the other part on the front side of the body of the bag.

Make a lining : 

– Cut following pieces of fabric : 1 piece 54 x 24cm (A) , and 2 pieces  24 x 12 cm (B and C). (seam value = 1 cm, I already counted the seam in)
– If you want to use vlieseline : fix A with vlieseline. (do not use vlieseline on the seam value)
– Now put piece B on piece A : I mean the  24cm-side of  B on the  54cm-side of A : sew both parts together and leave last  1,5 cm open. (so you sew about 22,5 cm together).
– You notice 1 piece of B is now attached to 1 piece of A. Next put second 24cm-side of B on the remaining 54cm-side of  A (so put it on the other end of piece A, so there is a piece of fabric open in the center of A). Also sew together, leaving the last 1,5 cm open.
– Next put bottom side of B (12cm) on remaining small open piece A (open center part), making a little fold on both sides. Sew together.
– Do the same with C and the other part of A.

– Make sure to stay away from the SEWING POLICe 🙂   (I am an autodidact person, so I am pretty sure my way of making linings is maybe a bit controversial. The result is great, that is all that matters)

– Your lining is almost ready now.
– Next make 1cm of seam at upper side of lining bag and iron it to the other side.
– Put lining bag in your crocheted bag and sew it in with invisible stiches.

Cherry brooches :

– With rose or fuchsia : Round 1 : chain 2, work in second ch : 3sc, do not close or turn, just continue crocheting.
– Round 2 : 2sc in every sc : 6sc
– Round 3 : 1sc in every sc : 6sc
– Round 4 : sc2tog x 3 : 3sc, 1slst in next sc, cut yarn and cast off.
– Pull yarn through last 3sc and pull together : you now have a nice little ball. Do not cut yarn yet.
– Make an identical second cherry.
– To make a stem : with green or turquoise : chain 16, start in 2nd ch : 1sc in 7ch, next ch5 for the leaf : 1sc in 2nd ch, 1hdc in next ch, 1dc in next ch, skip last ch. Now cotinue over last 8ch of base ch : 1slst in each ch. Cut yarn and cast off. You now have 1 long stem with a leaf in the center.
– Attach each side of the stem to 1 cherry. (I do it by tying up 1 thread of the cherry and 1 thread of the stem and weaving in the thread in the body of the cherry).
– Sew a brooch pin at the back of the leaf, and pin your cherry brooch on to your bag!

Ready!!! So go out, and play, dance and walk with your lovely girls bag!!!


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