Wintertime happiness : me and my scarf

We celebrated Christmas with our family like every year : all together, enjoying each other’s company, eating yummie food, and afterwards taking a walk outside.
My parents-in-law live in Limburg, and they have a great garden : it is so great to be there.
In summertime the entire garden is full of flowers and green trees, but it still remains so beautiful in winter : just being outside, taking little walks, looking at the trees, visiting the donkey and the little goats in the neighbours garden, watching the birds, jumping on the large trampoline, ….

kleurrijke sjaal

I brought my favourite scarf with me.
So it could be warm and happy in lots of colours 🙂

The design of this scarf can be found in my crochet book Heerlijk Haken, and is also available as separate pattern.

Lots of warm and colourfull Christmas Wishes for everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kleurrijke sjaal

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