Bloom top : the pattern

As promised last week : I have written down the free pattern for the summer top.

I made this happy colourfull top with Bloom, the new Scheepjeswol yarn.
As soon as I laid my eyes on this new yarn, I just wanted to have it. The 24 vivid and beatiful colours made me happy instantly. And when I touched the yarn, I even became more enthousiastic and impatient to make something with it. It had to be top, a colourfull summer top. No doubt about it.

I choose 6 colours from the collection :  French Lavender, Fuchsia, Delphinium, Old Lily, Viola en Geranium. (colours are from bottom to top in my top).


This yarn is made of pure cotton. And it is not heavy at all, so an absolute summer yarn suitable for garment designing as well.

I love the natural stretch and the structure of the Bloom : super for those items that require a bit of stretch in them. The yarn bounces back, so the top really has a great shape and wonderfull drape too.

So please keep in mind, if you are planning to make this summer top with subsitute yarn, the result will probably be totally different ! It is the Bloom yarn that makes this design work and gives it this total retro disco-look.

Crochet hook : 5 mm. (gauge is not critical for this design)


The pattern is written in different sizes : from XS up to XL.

How to determine your correct size ? Super easy to do : just make a chain that fits around your chest. And check what size corresponds to the number of chains you need. (and of course go for the nearest closest size with corresponding chains)

Is your correct size not written down ? Read the pattern once (or maybe a second time) and you will see it is actually quite an easy pattern, so you will be able to make your own size with my written guidelines. (just make sure your number of chains divided by 2 = an even number)

I made size Medium for myself, and decided to go for 8 rounds in each colour, and I needed 6 colours in total. (I used almost entire skeins). Of course it is also possible to make larger or smaller stripes, or to make your top longer or shorter, …. (but you will need more or less yarn if you do so, of course).

For those with sizes XS and S : with 1 skein you can make about 10 rounds. And you probably want to make the top a bit more cropped : so 4 or 5 skeins will be enough. (example : make 40 rounds in total : 10 rounds with each colour).

Size Large : 8 rounds per skein should work here. (if you want to make a longer top : just add 1 skein and 8 rounds extra before starting the armopenigs) : this makes 7 skeins in total. (and 58 rounds).

For size XLarge : make 6 or 7 rounds in each colour. (you will not have enough yarn to make 8 rounds in 1 colour). Total number of rounds to make : 60 – so 6 rounds in each colour will make 10 skeins. (this means you change colour every 6 rounds).

The pattern is written working 8 rounds with 1 colour, but it is easy adjustable. Size XS is written first, other sizes () and size M is indicated in bold. I use UK crochet terms.

– Round 1 : With French Lavender, chain 108 (120, 132, 156, 180), close round with 1slst in first ch, do not turn. Work 4ch (=1tr+1ch) in first ch, miss next ch,  * 1tr+1ch in next ch, miss next ch, repeat from * until end of round, close with 1slst in 3rd ch, turn.(54 – 60 – 66 – 78 – 90 tr with chains)
– Round 2-8 : 4ch, 1tr+1ch in every tr, close with slst in 3rd ch, turn. At the end of round 8, cut yarn and cast off.
– Round 9 – 16 : Cast on Fuchsia and work 8 rounds. At the end of round 16, cut yarn and cast off.
– Round 17 – 24 : Cast on Delphinium and also work 8 rounds. At the end of round 24, cut yarn and cast off. (sizes XS and S : if your top is long enough already, go to arm openings).
– Round 25 – 32 : Cast on Old Lily and also work 8 rounds. At the end of round 32, cut yarn and cast off. (sizes L and XL : if you want to make a longer top : just add another colour and work 8 rounds).
Begin armopenings, front, Row 33 : Count back from cast-on point : t 3 (3, 3, 4, 5) tr to 1 side and cast on Viola with 1slst in 4th tr, next work 4ch (=1tr+1ch) and another 20tr+1ch  (23tr+1ch, 25tr+1ch, 29tr+1ch, 34tr+1ch) in the next tr, and end with 1tr in 22rd tr  (25, 27, 31, 36), turn. (you have worked 23tr – 26tr – 28tr – 32tr – 37tr with ch in between) (leave the rest of the round unworked)
– Row 34 – 40 : Continue in pattern : 1tr+1ch in each of the  22tr (25, 27, 31, 36)st and end with 1tr in  23rd tr (26, 28, 32, 37), turn. At the end of round 40, cut yarn and cast off.
– Row 41 : Cast on geranium and work 1 more row of 23tr (26, 28, 32, 37) + ch, turn.
Shoulder strap 1 : Row 42 : 4ch (=1tr+1ch), 3 (3, 4, 5, 6) x (1tr+1ch) and end with 1tr in next  tr, turn.
– Row 43 – 50 : Work like row 42. At the end of row 50, cut yarn leaving a 25cm/10in tail and cast off. (this tail will be used afterwards to close the shoulder seam). (Sizes XS and S probably want to prefer making shorter shoulder straps, sizes L and XL probably longer ones).
Shoulder strap 2 : Row 42 – 50 : Count back from the other end of the front :  4tr (4, 5, 6, 7), cast on with 1slst, and work like shoulder strap 1.
Back : Go to the unworked part of round 32. Count back from either the beginning or the end of your front part : 4tr (4, 5, 7, 9) to the side (this means you leave 4tr – 4tr – 5tr – 7tr – 9tr and chains unworked), cast on with 1slst, and work like front part over  23tr (26, 28, 32, 37)tr.
– Row 33 – 41 : work like front part. At the end of round 41, continue ! so do not cut yarn.
– Row 42 – 43 : work 2 more rows over  23tr (26, 28, 32, 37)tr, turn.
– Row 44 – 50 : Work both shoulder straps like you did for the front part.

Finishing :
– close shoulder seams. (by slipstitching together).
– weave in all ends.
– finishing neckline : I added 1 extra round of slipstitches around the neckline and shoulders traps for a nice finished look. Use a larger crochet hook if you are a tight crocheter. (so the neckline will remain stretchy).
– block your top : soak in Eucalan, put it in a towel to get most water out, pin it in shape with pins on a mat.
– allow to dry.
– Ready !!!!!!

And next ? Enjoy your happy summer top and wear it all summer long !

DSC_0210 DSC_0208 DSC_0207

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