3 x doily fun : the pattern

Free crochet pattern to restyle your basic t-shirt or dress and turn it into a real eye-catcher !

Catwalk-trend for this summer : crochet embellishments : you can now make them yourself ! With only half a skein of  Scheepjes Cotton 8, a wonderfull pure cotton summer yarn, available in so much beautiful shades and some crochet time you can enjoy this fahionable trend.

what do you need :
– t-shirt or t-shirt dress
– 0,5 skein  Scheepjes Cotton 8 white  (1 skein = 50gr = 170m) (100 % cotton)
– crochet hook 3 mm
– white sewing thread
– sewing machine or needle (if you prefer sewing by hand)
– scissors, tapestry needle to weave in ends
– pins and mat for blocking

Pattern :
You make 3 different doilies. First you finish the first doily. When making the second doily (which is a copy of the first one), you will join it in the last round to the first doily : you use the join-as-you-go-method. The last and third doily is also joined in the last round, you join it to the first and the second one.

Doily 1 :

Info :
– you always work on the right side, so DO NOT TURN.
– every round is closed with 1slst.
– cut yarn at the end of each round.

– Round 1 : make a magic ring and work in the ring : 1ch, 10sc, close round with 1slst in first sc. (10sc)
– Round 2 : in first sc : 3ch+1dc, in every next sc : 2dc, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch. (20dc)
– Round 3 : in 3ch : 4ch (=1dc+1ch), work in every next dc : 1dc+1ch, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch. (20dc+1ch)
– Round 4 : 1slst in first 1ch-space, work here as well : 3ch, in next 1ch-space : 1dc+3ch, (work in same 1ch-space + in next 1ch-space : 2dctog+ 3ch), repeat () another 18 x, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch. (20 groups of 2dctog+3ch)
– Round 5 : 1slst in first 3ch-space, work here as well : make loop on hook a bit larger, next 5dctog+5ch, work in every next 3ch-space : 5dctog+5ch, close round with 1slst in first 5dc-group. (20 groups of 5dctog+5ch)
– Round 6 : 1slst in first ch-space, work here as well : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, in every next 5ch-space : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, close round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off.

3 x doily

Doily 2 :
Work as for doily 1, until the final round 6 : work 1slst in first ch-space, and work here as well : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, work in next 16 5ch-spaces : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, next join your doily to the first doily :
– work in next ch-space : 1sc+1hdc+1dc, next work 3 x 1dc tog with the 3 center dc in 1 ‘shell’  in the last round of the first doily. (start making 1dc, do not make last pull through, but insert in dc of doily 1, yarn over hook, and pull throug dc of doily 1 and half made dc), followed by 1dc+1hdc+1sc in same space. Work last 2 ‘shells’ the same way. Close the round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off.

Doily 3 :
Work as for doily 1, but in the last round : join third doily to the first doily ‘in three shells’ and also to the second doily ‘in three shells’. (look at the chart : the joined parts are indicated in red).

Finishing :
– block your 3 x doily and allow to dry.
– Pin it very carefully to the back of a t-shirt or dress. Sew along the outer side. Pay attention : only sew the ‘outer circle’, and not the center neck part, because you want to cut the fabric away afterwards.
– Cut away the fabric. (I do it very carefully, and leave about 0,5cm / 0,2in fabric next to the stitches)
– crochet 2 cords to finish the upper neck part : Ch40 and work 1  row of slst. Make 2 identical cords, and attach them on the upper part of the 2 upper doilies. Tie them together.

3 x doily together


Enjoy summer !







3 x doily fun 3 x doily fun

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