A weekend full of creative vibes

I received an invitation for the Scheepjes Bloggers days, lucky me.

Of course I knew it would be great, but it was even beyond all expectations.

I got the opportunity to spend the entire weekend amongst ladies, who all share the same passion : yarn and crafting. We met at Scheepjes HQ, and enjoyed 2 wonderfull days filled with : yarn, buttons, other haberdashery. Lunch, hight tea, an exquisite diner in a restaurant, the best hotel, … A wonderfull time at the leg, chatting for hours, about our passions.

We all brought some crochet and knitting projects : some of us worked on them, and others, like me did not even succeed in ‘making 1 stitch’ : because we were so busy talking and enjoying.

It was such a great weekend full of creative vibes, lots of new inspiration, and the best company ever.

Was your weekend as wonderfull and inspiring as mine ?

(on the picture you see Sophie’s Universe from Dedri, from LookWhatImade, after seeing it IRL, there is no doubt I will soon make one myself too 🙂

sophie's universe crochet scheepjes scheepjeswol annelies vicarno
sophie’s universe crochet scheepjes scheepjeswol annelies vicarno


4 reacties op “A weekend full of creative vibes

  1. Heike zegt:

    Dear Annelies,
    It truly was wonderful to meet you in person. I feel we are very much liking and thinking alike and I hope we will be firm friends from now on.
    Good luck with all your forthcoming travels and every success with your cal.
    Much love, Heike xx

    • Annelies Baes zegt:

      Hi Heike, Thank you so much for your kind words ! I loved meeting you, and feeling the ressemblance in thoughts and vibes. Yes, absolutely firm friends 🙂 Hope to see you soon again !

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