Wonderfull Scheepjes CAL 2015 Flight of Fancy meet at : Selden Sa

On Friday June 26 I was at Selden Sa in Franeker, The Netherlands. I was invited there for a  Scheepjes CAL 2015 Flight of Fancy meet. I had to leave very early in the morning for a long drive (because I live in Antwerp myself). The ride itself was good, it was busy on the roads, but everything went great. If you ever travel to Franeker, you have to go acrross water, lots of water 🙂  It was wonderfull. It was even breathtaking, I enjoyed it so much. (so I decided I will come back here for sure, for a nice holiday with my family).

When arriving at the shop, Nynke (the shop owner) and her colleague Anja were very happy to see me, so they gave me a warm welcome : they offered me a lovely lunch, and we got the time to get to know each other.

Soon the ladies for the meet and the mini-workshop arrived. And before we knew it, the shop was full of enthusiastic women 🙂 We all sat at the tables and enjoyed  crocheting time, the talkes about handcraft and yarns,  the coffee and tea and the pastries.

It was a very ‘productive’ meet, we noticed it very early already : a lot of concentration amongst the ladies, they were all crocheting almost in silence, and making the most wonderfull little birdies. We all had a lovely time. It felt like I was charged with lots of extra energy !

I enjoyed it so much, I even forgot to take enough pictures. So I am happy Nynke was so kind to email me the pictures she made during the afternoon.

I had Sophie’s Universe with me : that super-fantastic blanket made by crochet designer  Dedri Uys (from the well know blog : LookAtWhatIMade) : so we gave her a well choosen and nice spot in the shop. All the ladies that attended the meet (and also lots of other customers in the shop) really enjoyed that wonderfull masterpiece ! Thank you so much Dedri, for letting Sophie travel with me.

scheepjes 2015 CAL flight of fancy meet annelies

After the workshop we talked some more, and said goodbye, and I decided to go to my hotel. (I booked a nice hotel by the waterside instead of driving home again). But when I started listening to my missing phonecalls and messages on my mobile, I knew my little son was quite ill. So, although he was in the safe hands of my husband, it just did not feel right to stay at the hotel, and I decided to drive home anyway. The little one is feeling ok again. And as for myself ? I had a wonderfull time !

How was your weekend ?

scheepjes 2015 CAL flight of fancy meet annelies meet en greet bij Selden sa(3) meet en greet bij Selden sa scheepjes 2015 CAL flight of fancy meet anneliesscheepjes 2015 CAL Flight of Fancy meet annelies


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