A new shawl design

Yes, I am working on a new shawl design : a summer shawl, a ‘birds-in-the-sky’ shawl.

A happy shawl, an easy one. The kind of project you can work on at the beach, or watching your kids at the playground, or at a summer barbecue in the garden.

Just enjoying some quality crochet time, without ‘too much thinking to do’.

And I wanted a blue shawl. Because I like the sky, a lot. I love watching the birds flying high in the sky, it makes me happy just to lay on my back in silence and looking at the sky : with all those different shades of blue. Never the same, always different tones of blue.

So I started playing with yarn : I found some lovely big skeins Β Scheepjes MaxiΒ (cotton thread) in all different blue tones, and I added a white one as well. And I started making my own blue yarn. My own preferred ‘sky’-yarn.

birds in the sky shawl scheepjes maxi

Curious about how the shawl will look like ? Just stay tuned, and follow the progress soon.


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