Bloom for THE basket

The beginning of a new project, of a new design. This is always a very special moment, full of excitement.

Like most of the times, I do not know exactly what I will do, and how… I trust it will ‘come’, during the crocheting process.

This project, this design starts with THE basket. Yes, THE basket, with capital letters.

This basket is travelling with me to all my Scheepjes CAL meet&greets. Filled with lovely yarns.

I like to have her with me. She is not just ‘a’ basket. She has a history, she has many stories to tell. My PIL have been using this baskets (along with lots of other ones) for years, during the summer, in July, for the cherry-picking in their orchards. She has seen so many cherry trees, she has been filled with thousands of nice cherries, she has been used by so many people, so many hands.

For me it is a basket full of summer happiness.

THE basket, actually. I can keep it, I received it as a gift. I cherish her.

So I decided to make a basket ‘cover’, full of colour.. A basket jacket made with Scheepjes Bloom yarn.

bloom en de mand annelies baes vicarno scheepjes haken

I choose some lovely bright colours and put them all in the basket. I do not know exactly if I will use all the balls, but I am pretty sure I will make a happy colourfull design.

If you are impatient to see the progress, just like me (I am always impatient myself when starting a new design) , come back next week for an update !

You can buy Scheepjes Bloom in the shops that sell Scheepjes yarns. (and via Deramores)

The real fruit baskets can be found at the local Fruit Farmer (but I cannot promiss they will all be as nice as my FIL). And lots of shops sell them too, the new baskets.


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