A new design : Show-me-the-way cowl

Do you like cowls ? I do, without any doubt. Even more, I am a huge fan of cowls : I wear them all the time when I am outside : riding on my bike, taking a walk, … They are snuggly and warm, and really comfortable.

And because I like vivid colours and a few catchy accents too, I decided to make this ‘Show-me-the-way’ cowl design.

A cowl with a message 🙂

Autumn is a special time for a lot of people : it is a time filled with introspection, looking and searching, listening to what you heart tells you. Who are you ? What do you like ? What needs to be changed to improve the quality of your life ? Is the path you are following still the right one ? What choices do you need to make ?

And very often, if you can find the courage to listen very carefully, or to look around you with an openminded ‘look’, you can SEE which way you need to go. Your path will be visible.

Actually, this cowl design, is about finding your direction, or maybe you just have to refind it (because it is very obvious, but you just need a bit of a little reminder 🙂 ) , and some of you will just follow the path they are already going.

I added some crocheted cords at both sides and in the center part of the cowl, these cords ‘show you the way’. (they are optional, so you can also make the cowl without them).

I used a supersoft merino yarn : Scheepjes MerinoSoft. I like the softness and the luxurious feeling of merino wool a lot !

6 balls of the main colour, and 3 balls of the second shade. I choose light grey (Michelangelo-grey) and magenta (Carney).

I worked with 2 strands together and hook size 8mm, so extra warmth and a fast satisfying project guaranteed…

And like for all my crochet patterns : the pattern comes fully written, with a chart added as well. My testing panel has done a great job as well, by testing the instructions before publication.

Pattern : show-me-the-way cowl : Ravelry and webshop

Yarn : Scheepjes MerinoSoft  (50 % merinowol, 25 % acryl en 25 % micro)

Crochet hook : 8 mm

show-me-the-way cowl crochet pattern annelies baes vicarno show-me-the-way cowl crochet pattern annelies baes vicarno

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