WIP : mixing colours and yarn textures

I am working on a new design, a lovely project with lots of colours. And that is not the only challenge, I am actually also mixing different yarn textures, and if is filling me with lots of joy 🙂

The refreshing combination of Scheepjes Invicta Colour (yes, that wonderfull strong and soft sock yarn, with a long colour changing effect) and Scheepjes Catona, the pure cotton yarn, makes it almost impossible for me, to put this project aside.

Yep, indeed, I am working with 2 strands together, and the colour variations are just really great !

And did you see the lovely stitch pattern I am using as well ?

I am making a baby blanket, which makes softness, warmth, and easy maintenance keywords !

Are you curious about my progress ? Stay tuned ! I will soon post a new update.

Patter : surprise baby blanket

Yarn : a combination of Scheepjes Invicta Colour and Scheepjes Catona  (I am using 1 strand of Invicta Colour and 1 strand of Catona together)

babydeken vicarno annelies baes haakpatroon crochet pattern


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