Sneak Peek Publication Mystery Quilt in Inside Crochet !!! and complete yarn kits are already available

Today I am sharing some very exciting news with you ! I am so proud to tell you I have a wonderful publication in the new edition of Inside Crochet, Issue 73 (it will be released on December, 20th). And it is not 1 single publication, no ! This blanket design will be published in 3 separate parts, during 3 following months. So you will have plenty of time to crochet yourself a stunning trendy quilt blanket.

Are you excited yet ? I am, that’s for sure !

Inside Crochet is a high quality crochet magazine, filled with beautiful, trendy and wearable patterns, made by lots of different designers. They have a great reputation in the crochet world, so I am really proud my patterns are being published in it regularly.

We have put together complete yarn kits, specially for this publication.

The blanket is designed with Scheepjes Merino Soft. This yarn is so soft and fluffy, you can wear it next to the skin and it is not itchy at all. It is available in so many yummie colours, it is definitely one of my most favourite yarns.

Check out these lovely sneak peek pictures ! (made by Inside Crochet) l

Are you all ready to get you new edition of Inside Crochet soon ? Do you also want to make this lovely mystery quilt ? Make sure to get yourself a complete yarn kit to make sure you are ready to start immediatly when the new issue will be out. (it would make a lovely Christmas present, by the way 🙂 )

You can find these complete yarn kits at

– Wool Warehouse, a lovely shop that ships internationally with great service : the Soft Merino Kit and The Colour Crafter Kit 

– Deramores, they ship worldwide as well : the Soft Merino Kit  and The Colour Crafter Kit

(note : sneak peeks are from the Soft Merino Blanket.
With the Colour Crafter Kit you will be able to make a blanket that has twice the size of the Soft Merino Blanket)

mystery quilt inside crochet blanket pattern crochet design haken ganchillo annelies vicarno scheepjes merinosoft

You can buy your copies of Inside Crochet at your local store, or directly via Inside Crochet itself. I have a subscription, so I get my copy every month 🙂  (this makes a wonderful Christmas present too ! to get your friend or mother or yourself a year-subscription ! )

If you prefer a digital, downloadable version, that is possible too !

You can get all the info you need right here  : Inside Crochet  (the mystery quilt pattern will appear in the following editions : Issue 73 – 74 and 75).

I wish you all a happy and creative Christmas and lots of crochet fun !

The sample blanket is made with MerinoSoft yarn. I have made a nice overview with the colours used in both kits, the MerinoSoft Kit and the Colour Crafter Kit. This overview can be found here : Colours overview

5 reacties op “Sneak Peek Publication Mystery Quilt in Inside Crochet !!! and complete yarn kits are already available

  1. Meshal van der Tang zegt:

    I have received my yarn and have bought a digital copy of the magazine as in Australia we are 2 months behind. Really enjoying the project but it is really painful reading the pattern in digital format.

  2. Julie Plummer zegt:

    Hi Annelids I have just received the colour crafter kit for this I was wondering how to make the blanket bigger. Would I just make the blocks bigger or do double the blocks. I want it to look pretty much like the one in the picture. Thanks

    • Annelies Baes zegt:

      Hi Julie, Thank you for your message. If you want to make a larger blanket with the colour crafter kit, you can just double the blocks, meaning : make twice as much blocks. One of my testers has finished a lovely colour crafter blanket, and in a short while, when the entire blanket will be revealed in Inside Crochet, I will definitely also show pictures of the larger blanket as well.
      I am looking forward to see your blanket too !

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