Scheepjes Silvi : fairie whispers

I was looking for a special kind of yarn, for my newest design. And I was so excited to discover Scheepjes Silvi yarn.

Mostly I choose very bright colours, and either I like designs in 1 shade, or I mix up a lot of colours. But neither of these things would work for my plan.

I really wanted a variegated yarn. And not one with very bright shades, but softer, more gentle colours. I am pretty sure I got influenced a lot by the new ‘fairie’ look you see popping up a lot in the new make-up trends and fashion clothing for the next seasons : the look of fairies, magical moments, with those pearl accents and soft tender shades.

And because the ‘real winter’ finally started, I also wanted a warm and fluffy bulky yarn.

So I was thrilled to find Scheepjes Silvi. This was exactly the yarn I was looking for !

Personally, I prefer the dreamy softer shades in the generous assortment, those are the shades with that luster shine : pink, soft green, beige and off-white. And the soft variegated ones too.

It is mainly the ‘powder layer’ on the shades that is giving this yarn the fairie effect.

scheepjes silvi scheepjes silvi scheepjes silvi scheepjes silvi scheepjes silvi

Those who prefer the brigther and deeper tones will definitely find something they like as well, since the Silvi collection has 23 shades available.

This yarn is also soft and warm, it has 30 % wool in it. And thanks to the acrylic it is also very easy in maintenance, you can wash it in the washing machine.

Did you notice the special structure of this yarn ? The thin base threads are ‘french knitted’ together, forming a very light and souple, yet strong thread. According to me, this special structure also has the major advantage you really can feel and benefit from the wonderful qualities of the lanoline in the yarn. (lanoline is the natural wool grease in the yarn, giving it many qualities such as protection, warmth and resistance to dirt). I was so excited to notice my hands were getting so soft when crocheting my new design. (lanoline is often used in natural hand cremes and other beauty products).

scheepjes silvi fairy annelies vicarno

Another good thing about this Silvi yarn is definitely the yardage !

I like making larger projects, like shawls, garments and blankets. So I need to make sure these designs and projects do not become too heavy in weight. I mean, nobody likes a scarf that weight 800g around your neck, or wearing a cardigan with a weight of 2kg…

But, what do we mean exactly with the term YARDAGE ? Every time I bring it up, people look at me and ask me further explanation.

When you look at a ball or skein of yarn, (most of the times) the following info is printed on the label :

  • the yarn brand and the name of the collection : for example : Scheepjes (brand), Silvi (collection)
  • the weight : your balls weighs for example 50 gram, or 100 gram.
  • the composition of the yarn : for Silvi it is  30 % wool and 70 % acrylic
  • the shade/colour number or code : for example : shade 05
  • the dye lot : for example ‘lot : 305’
  • the recommended size knitting needles or crochet hook to use : for example 8 mm
  • the maintenance instructions : how to wash it, dry it, …..
  • ( sometimes : gauge : the standard gauge is indicated as well)
  • AND : the yardage : for our ball of Silvi: ca 100 meters.

This means our ball of Silvi weighs 100 gr and has 100 m of yarn on it.
2 balls give you 200 m of yarn, 10 balls give you 1000 m.

When you start crocheting or knitting a design, very often the designer has written the necessary yardage needed to accomplish the project. This is very handy, since you know exactly how much yarn you need to buy. (mainly if you decide to use another yarn brand, or want to change the size of the project).

Because : NOT every yarn has the same yardage.
Not even yarns of the same ‘yarn weight’.

Let’s imagine you want to make a cowl, and the pattern calls for : 3 balls of 100 gr of yarn X, 300 m of yarn needed in total.
This means you will need 3 balls of Silvi : 3 x 100 m = 300 m of yarn.
What if the pattern says : 5 balls of 100 gr of yarn X, a total of 180 m of yarn. (the designer has used 5 balls of 100 gr, with 30-40m of yarn on each ball).
If we decide to make this design with our Silvi yarn, we will only need 2 balls ! 2 x 100 m = 200 m of yarn.
The main thing is NOT only to look at the number of balls needed, or the weight of the yarn, but PARTICULARLY looking at the required yardage, the number of meters of yarn needed.

So for me, the yardage is a crucial thing, whenever I choose a new yarn for a design or a project.

For my upcoming design, I will be needing 5 balls of Silvi = 500 m of yarn 🙂 .
You are probably wondering why there is only 1 ball on the pictures, since I will be using 5 ?
That is quite simple : as usual I was not patient enough to take pictures first, when my yarn arrived. No, I just could not resist taking the labels of the balls to see how the yarn looked, and already wanted to start playing with it.
Luckily I was smart enough to leave 1 ball ‘nice’ enough so I could make a decent picture.

I am totally in love with the shade I chose, it is number 05, and the colour changes are truly stunning : in only 1 ball you have shades of browns, pink, purple, and even blue and petrol. And I really like that pearly lustre !

Curious about this great yarn now ? Here you can find an overview of all the shades :  Scheepjes Silvi .

scheepjes silvi fairy annelies vicarno

And next week, I will share my design-in-process with you ! So be sure to stay tuned !

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