WIP : Fairy Winterflowers Shawl

Last week I told you how excited and happy I was with my new Scheepjes Silvi yarn. I got some really nice feedback on my blogpost, concerning the info I provided about the yardage.

Thank you all ! The good news is I will write more informal posts in the future.

In the meantime I started crocheting with my yarn. (to be really honest, and most of you figured it out already : I already started last week, as soon as I received the yarn ūüôā ¬†I am not the most patient lady, so good for me I was at least clever enough to keep 1 ball ‘nice’ enough to make some pictures of it).

The big question : what am I making with this lovely fairie yarn ? A shawl, a warm, soft, sweet, dreamy, shawl. With a¬†spirited vivacious character as well, of course. A ‘fairy winterflower shawl’.

I am crocheting and enjoying it a lot. I decided to make some sneak peek pictures for you all.



Are you curious ? Looking forward to see how the entire shawl will look like ? I will be ready by next week to show you the result.

In a few days I have a little suprise for you, showing you some more surprising pictures.

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