Reveal : baby blanket full of colours and suprises !

I have finished my baby blanket full of colours and suprises and I am totally happy with it.

It was a joy to make it, I enjoyed every stitch, every minute, and it was really exciting to see every colour change made. I think the wonderful Scheepjes Invicta Colour yarn with the beautiful colour changes and the  bright colours of the Catona yarn make an excellent combination.

A lot of you probably think my yarn choice was not quite logical, and a bit surprising, when I started talking about combining a cotton yarn together with a wool sock yarn. I received lots of questions regarding my yarn choice : how does it work up together ? do you like using both strands together ? will the yarns not shrink when washing them ? how does it feel, is it soft enough ?

  • it is a joy to crochet with these yarns held together ! at first it feels a bit strange, but it is in fact just a mental thing, as soon as you decide to enjoy the process, you will really enjoy it ! Working with 2 strands together is quite easy, and the most wonderful part of it : it works up really quickly !!!
  • It does not shrink, not at all. I tested it before starting to make the actual blanket. I washed my swatch at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Since the Catona is a strong cotton yarn, and the Invicta Colour a solid and soft sock yarn, it is easy to wash them. Personally, I would consider washing this blanket at 30 degrees gentle programme to be sure.
  • Yes, it is soft enough, the combination of these 2 yarns give you a solid strong, warm and SUPERSOFT blanket !

babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes

I decided to use the 6 different Catona colours simply one bye one, after each other, creating lovely stripes ! Thanks to the colour changes in the Invicta yarn, the final result is very surprising, with lots of subtle and bright colour changes, that make me really happy.

Next week I will share the FREE CROCHET PATTERN with you !

Pattern : surprise baby blanket

Yarn : a combination of Scheepjes Invicta Colour and Scheepjes Catona  : the colours I used : InvictaColour 968 and Catona 252; 114, 384, 212, 113 and 386.

For international shoppers : check out the Scheepjes yarns at  Deramores, Woolwarehouse, Be Inspired  and Paradise Fibers. For Belgium and The Netherlands : you can find a list of the shops on the Scheepjes website.

(some of the links are affiliate links, to support me as a crochet designer and making it possible for me to make free patterns)

babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes

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  1. Julie zegt:

    Annelies, this blanket of yours has completely captured my heart. I absolutely love everything about it – the colours,the texture, the pattern EVERYTHING & I can not wait for you to release the pattern so that I can make one for myself! 😍 Julie (Be Inspired)

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