New crochet pattern : The Sun is Shining Moeke Shawl

I have finished a new shawl design : ‘The Sun is Shining Moeke’,  and for this design I decided to use Moeke Yarns. (and named the shawl after the yarn too 🙂 )

Moeke Yarns are made of Romanian sheep wool, produced with traditional methods and no harmful chemicals, spun them in a traditional fiber mill. Yarns with a message ! Ethical, ecological yarns. Ioana is the lady behind this yarn brand, she grew up in Romania and now runs the company with true passion from the Netherlands. (and her brother is taking care of the things in Romania)

My first  ‘Moeke’ Shawl  – yes, I actually made more than one – is made with Romanian Merino , shade ‘Light Coral’. 2 skeins of this lovely yarn are enough to finish the entire shawl.

the sun is shining moeke shawl annelies vicarno

The yarn was new to me, and I think it will be for lots of other people, so I decided to list some of its qualities :

  • the touch and the softness of this yarn is different than most other yarns : I like to call it ‘old-fashioned softness’. (which has some great emotional connotations for me. I could not stop thinking of my beloved grandmother who teached me how to knit when I was a kid). I felt ‘pure’ wool, full of lanolin. When using this yarn (knitting or crocheting or making cakes from te skeins) you actually feel the lanolin, and you can even see it. I suffer from very dry hands all year long, and this yarn was a lovely treat for my hands. (our little son who is particularly fond of soft and luxury yarns – we call him ‘mister good and expensive taste’ often came to sit next to me to touch the yarn and the shawl-to-be and put his face on it).
  • the structure of the yarn : I like the ‘natural, rural’ structure of the yarn, the somewhat uneven fibre, the subtle differences in thickness, in shade, ….
  • the smell of the yarn : I am ‘into smells’, always. My nose is my best sense. A good and lovely smell can truly make my day ! This yarn smells like sheep, like nature, like lanolin, like pureness.

I do believe this yarn is best used by the crafter that ‘has a bit of knitting or crocheting experience’. Due to the natural structure and the traditional producing method and the thickness of the yarn, I think the yarn is a bit ‘sensitive and fragile’. It is not wise or recommended to pull hard, or to unravel your project a lot of times….

The amount of natural lanolin in the yarn ‘slows down’ a bit, I mean : if you are used to crocheting or knitting ‘at high speed’, you will need to adjust your method. This yarn wants you to take your time and enjoy every stitch. In the beginning it made me a bit nervous (I am a very frantic and ‘fast’ lady 🙂 ), but soon I noticed I really enjoyed what I prefer calling ‘the conscious process’ of designing and make something new.

My second shawl is made with   Moeke Yarns Elena  : it is a very large, robust, solid and  colourful one ! I already liked the Romanian Merino, but this Elena Yarn made me even more happy.

  • This yarn is more solid, robust, tough and a bit thicker. It has a bit of a ‘wild and savage’ look, and I like it. It is stronger compared to the Merino.
  • Despite the rougher look, the yarn is remarquably soft. And it gets softer during the crocheting process, and after some soaking in Eucalan even more, and I am pretty sure it will become soft as  butter once you wear your design. (even the ‘pure’ skein is NOT itchy)
  • it works up rather quick
  • the smell is great too (you also smell sheep and lanolin)
  • this yarn is easier  to work with compared to the Merino. It is ok to pull the yarn and you can unravel a number of times without damaging the yarn.

The shawl design itself makes me happy 🙂

As usual, when I start making a new design, I know ‘more or less’ where I am going and what it will be, but I create the actual design itself ‘in the process’. This working method is my preferred one, but it is always very exciting how it turns out. I like the excitement of creating things in the moment.

The shawl has a rounded shape, and I am a big fan of this shape. I prefer not making making straight ends, I do not create a straight horizontal line. I prefer the ends bending to the inside, because this provides great wearing comfort and the shawl does not slide off your shoulders, even during activities like riding your bike, walking, ….

The pattern is written in 3 sizes ! This means you can simply choose to make your own preferred size shawl. (the Merino Shawl is size 1, the Elena shawl is size 3). The large edging has some optional beads as well.

Like always : a fully written pattern, with a crochet chart (for the edging in this pattern), and very well tested.

The pattern is available in English (US terms) and in Dutch.

I also want to write a quick note about the ‘Moeke Yarns Make A Long 2016’. This is a new event, that will take place every autumn from this year on. This event is  a celebration of fiber arts, crafts and makers –  to bring together pattern designers, artists, makers, shop owners who share the same values : a deep love for making, respect for animals and nature, and a view to the future while being committed to help preserve the local traditions and support local economies.

I am happy and honoured that my new shawl design is a part of this event. So join in ! There is a lot inspiration to be found, and some great prices can be won as well, info can be found here :  MYMakeAlong2016

Pattern : The Sun is Shining Moeke : available on the  website, Ravelry and Etsy

Yarn : Moeke Yarns Romanian Merino en Elena  (you need 600m of yarn for the smallest size, 800m for size 2 and 1300-1400m for size 3)

Info about Moeke Yarns : hier

Buying yarn : I bought my Moeke Yarns here : WolZoEerlijk and JaWol 

(there are no affiliates links in this post)

the sun is shining moeke shawl annelies vicarnothe sun is shining moeke shawl annelies vicarno

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