Little heart : free crochet pattern

I received a large box full of very cute Yarn and Colors Must Have Mini's last week, what a treat! 100 different colours, for hours of experimental crochet fun.

I could not resist trying them, and started working on a new (secret !) design, using ALL colours. Yes, indeed, I am using every colour there is.

After posting some pictures of the mini balls on instagram and facebook, I received lots of questions from people : where they could buy these cuties, how the cotton yarn was like, ...

Therefor I decided to write a quick blogpost and make some lovely little hearts and share the pattern for free.

You can find the info and the pattern below :) Enjoy !

Yarn : Yarn and Colors mini Must-Haves. You can purchase all these mini’s at Woolwarehouse  (they ship worldwide, and I have great experience with them myself). The entire list of shops can be found on the YarnandColors website, here

I am using shades : pistache, white, girly pink, green ice, and purple bordeaux.

Used stitches : chain (ch), slipstitch (slst), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), treble crochet (tr). I use US crochet terms.


– Round 1 : Form a magic ring. Work in the ring : 4ch, 3tr, 3dc, 1ch, 1tr, 1ch, 3dc, 3tr, 4ch and 1slst in the ring. Do not turn, just continue crocheting.

– Round 2 : Ch1 and 1sc in each of 4 first ch, next 1sc in every next dc and tr, 1sc in next c1ch-space, 1sc in next tr, 1sc in next 1ch-space, 1sc in every next dc and tr, end with 1sc in 4 last ch and 1slst in the ring. Cut yarn and cast off.

– Finishing : Secure ends on the back and weave in. Make sure the magic ring is tight.

– Coloured stitches on the inside : Take a new colour, cut yarn at about 20cm and use a tapestry needle. Start at the back of the heart, and pull the yarn through the center of the heart. Make nice embroidery stitches, between the crochet stitches of round 1. Make sure to divide your embroidery stitches equally. When ready, weave in ends carefully.

– Ready!!!

Don’t forget to share your hearts and other creations ! You can find my instagram feed here : annelies_baes and my facebook page here : Vicarno Crochet Designs

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