Fusion Shawls : new pattern release !!!!!!!

I am happy to announce I have a new design ready : Fusion Shawls. You get a generous 25 % introduction discount when purchasing the pattern until Sunday evening Jan. 28th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shawls (or scarfs) have a rectangular shape, with and openworked waving rippled stitch pattern. By using different colour combinations you achieve a trendy and harmonious effect.


I choose Nurturing Fibres yarns for this particular design. Nurturing Fibres is a well know South-African yarn brand. Besides their amazing yarn collections in stunning handdyed colours, this brand has a true eco-label : the yarns are made with great respect for all humans, animal and the environment.

Since it is still winter and cold here in Europe, I made a first warm and cuddly version using Nurturing Fibres Supertwist DK. This is a pure woollen yarn, made of 100 % merino. I choose the following colours :  Driftwood, Imperial, Maple, Sangria,  Shell and Vanilla. The yarn is simply super ! It is incredibly soft, warm and tender (yet it breathes very well, so I am pretty sure I will continue wearing my shawl in spring and summer season as well).

The colour palette is very wide, so I am pretty sure everybody will find ‘their’ perfect shades. You can find the entire collection here :  Scaapi  (this is the European distributor for Nurturing Fibres yarns), as well as on the the Nurturing Fibres website : hier

The measurements of my shawl are : 170cm long and  33 cm wide. (without the pompoms). It is obviously a very generous sized shawl !

For the upcoming spring and summer I already made a second sample, using Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion, this is a lovely yarn made of  50 % Bamboo Viscose & 50 % Cotton. These are the colours I used : Anvil, Blush, Charcoal, Seashell, Vanilla and  Sweet Pea.

I like this yarn a lot : it has a delicate shimmer, and the twisting of the 2 different fibres makes it very special, yet super-easy to crochet. It blocks all very beautifully ! I love it 🙂

All available shades of  Eco-Fusion can be found at :  Scaapi  and on the  Nurturing Fibres  website: hier 

My shawl measures : 220 cm long and 27 cm wide. (without the tassels)

As for the design : the pattern is fully written, in both US and in UK crochet terms. A crochet chart and schematics are added as well.

The pattern has been tested and edited.

The pattern can be found :

on the website : Fusion Shawl ENG

Ravelry : Fusion Shawl

I am also thrilled to let you know Nurturing Fibres published an iterview with me on their blog. You can read the lovely article over here : Nurturing Fibres Blog, Meet the Maker : Annelies Baes


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Spring shawls and a birthday give-away

I made 2 designs for the newest edition of  Trui Magazine : a large shawl with a lace border and a smaller spring and summer scarf.

I choose Fonty Bambou yarn for these designs, because I think it is the perfect spring and summer yarn for accessories and garments : it is soft (like silk !), the colour palette is truly amazing and beyond all of this, this brand has an eco label !

You only need 4 balls for the smaller scarf, my sample is made using shade 459, ivory.

If you prefer the larger wrap with the beautiful lace border, you will be needing 9 balls. I just loved the aqua shades I used : 461 mint, 473 jade and 472 sea green.

The designs are published in Trui Magazine, and will be available as individual patterns next month as well 🙂

Fonty Bamboe Wol zo Eerlijk annelies baes vicarno shawl fonty bambou 2017

You can purchase Fonty Bambou yarn at Wol Zo Eerlijk (an online shop that ships worldwide)

It is my birthday today and I am truly happy to celebrate it with this generous give-away ! You can win a COMPLETE LARGE SHAWL KIT. 

The kit contains 9 balls of Fonty Bambou in the 3 aqua shades, and the pattern ! 

Do you want to participate ? You can join this give-way by : leaving a message here on the blog below this post (make sure I can trace you, so do not forget to write down your email address or  facebook name or …) AND liking my facebook page :  Vicarno Crochet Designs   AND/OR liking my instagram account : annelies_baes  .

I will announce the winner March 15th.

The rules :

  • this give-away starts March 7th and ends March 14th, 20 h (CET).
  • Shipping costs are on my charge if you live in Belgium or The Netherlands. All other countries : you are free to participate, but if you win, you agree by paying the shipping costs for the kit.
  • you only participate ONCE. (I will delete all multiple posts)
  • this give-away is made possible by Fonty and BN Agenturen

Edit : The winner of the give-away is : Judith !


annelies baes vicarno shawl fonty bambou 2017 annelies baes vicarno shawl fonty bambou 2017 annelies baes vicarno shawl fonty bambou 2017 annelies baes vicarno shawl fonty bambou 2017


Little heart : free crochet pattern

I received a large box full of very cute Yarn and Colors Must Have Mini's last week, what a treat! 100 different colours, for hours of experimental crochet fun.

I could not resist trying them, and started working on a new (secret !) design, using ALL colours. Yes, indeed, I am using every colour there is.

After posting some pictures of the mini balls on instagram and facebook, I received lots of questions from people : where they could buy these cuties, how the cotton yarn was like, ...

Therefor I decided to write a quick blogpost and make some lovely little hearts and share the pattern for free.

You can find the info and the pattern below :) Enjoy !

Yarn : Yarn and Colors mini Must-Haves. You can purchase all these mini’s at Woolwarehouse  (they ship worldwide, and I have great experience with them myself). The entire list of shops can be found on the YarnandColors website, here

I am using shades : pistache, white, girly pink, green ice, and purple bordeaux.

Used stitches : chain (ch), slipstitch (slst), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), treble crochet (tr). I use US crochet terms.


– Round 1 : Form a magic ring. Work in the ring : 4ch, 3tr, 3dc, 1ch, 1tr, 1ch, 3dc, 3tr, 4ch and 1slst in the ring. Do not turn, just continue crocheting.

– Round 2 : Ch1 and 1sc in each of 4 first ch, next 1sc in every next dc and tr, 1sc in next c1ch-space, 1sc in next tr, 1sc in next 1ch-space, 1sc in every next dc and tr, end with 1sc in 4 last ch and 1slst in the ring. Cut yarn and cast off.

– Finishing : Secure ends on the back and weave in. Make sure the magic ring is tight.

– Coloured stitches on the inside : Take a new colour, cut yarn at about 20cm and use a tapestry needle. Start at the back of the heart, and pull the yarn through the center of the heart. Make nice embroidery stitches, between the crochet stitches of round 1. Make sure to divide your embroidery stitches equally. When ready, weave in ends carefully.

– Ready!!!

Don’t forget to share your hearts and other creations ! You can find my instagram feed here : annelies_baes and my facebook page here : Vicarno Crochet Designs

IMG_0140 IMG_0115 IMG_0095 IMG_0071 (1)

New crochet pattern : The Sun is Shining Moeke Shawl

I have finished a new shawl design : ‘The Sun is Shining Moeke’,  and for this design I decided to use Moeke Yarns. (and named the shawl after the yarn too 🙂 )

Moeke Yarns are made of Romanian sheep wool, produced with traditional methods and no harmful chemicals, spun them in a traditional fiber mill. Yarns with a message ! Ethical, ecological yarns. Ioana is the lady behind this yarn brand, she grew up in Romania and now runs the company with true passion from the Netherlands. (and her brother is taking care of the things in Romania)

My first  ‘Moeke’ Shawl  – yes, I actually made more than one – is made with Romanian Merino , shade ‘Light Coral’. 2 skeins of this lovely yarn are enough to finish the entire shawl.

the sun is shining moeke shawl annelies vicarno

The yarn was new to me, and I think it will be for lots of other people, so I decided to list some of its qualities :

  • the touch and the softness of this yarn is different than most other yarns : I like to call it ‘old-fashioned softness’. (which has some great emotional connotations for me. I could not stop thinking of my beloved grandmother who teached me how to knit when I was a kid). I felt ‘pure’ wool, full of lanolin. When using this yarn (knitting or crocheting or making cakes from te skeins) you actually feel the lanolin, and you can even see it. I suffer from very dry hands all year long, and this yarn was a lovely treat for my hands. (our little son who is particularly fond of soft and luxury yarns – we call him ‘mister good and expensive taste’ often came to sit next to me to touch the yarn and the shawl-to-be and put his face on it).
  • the structure of the yarn : I like the ‘natural, rural’ structure of the yarn, the somewhat uneven fibre, the subtle differences in thickness, in shade, ….
  • the smell of the yarn : I am ‘into smells’, always. My nose is my best sense. A good and lovely smell can truly make my day ! This yarn smells like sheep, like nature, like lanolin, like pureness.

I do believe this yarn is best used by the crafter that ‘has a bit of knitting or crocheting experience’. Due to the natural structure and the traditional producing method and the thickness of the yarn, I think the yarn is a bit ‘sensitive and fragile’. It is not wise or recommended to pull hard, or to unravel your project a lot of times….

The amount of natural lanolin in the yarn ‘slows down’ a bit, I mean : if you are used to crocheting or knitting ‘at high speed’, you will need to adjust your method. This yarn wants you to take your time and enjoy every stitch. In the beginning it made me a bit nervous (I am a very frantic and ‘fast’ lady 🙂 ), but soon I noticed I really enjoyed what I prefer calling ‘the conscious process’ of designing and make something new.

My second shawl is made with   Moeke Yarns Elena  : it is a very large, robust, solid and  colourful one ! I already liked the Romanian Merino, but this Elena Yarn made me even more happy.

  • This yarn is more solid, robust, tough and a bit thicker. It has a bit of a ‘wild and savage’ look, and I like it. It is stronger compared to the Merino.
  • Despite the rougher look, the yarn is remarquably soft. And it gets softer during the crocheting process, and after some soaking in Eucalan even more, and I am pretty sure it will become soft as  butter once you wear your design. (even the ‘pure’ skein is NOT itchy)
  • it works up rather quick
  • the smell is great too (you also smell sheep and lanolin)
  • this yarn is easier  to work with compared to the Merino. It is ok to pull the yarn and you can unravel a number of times without damaging the yarn.

The shawl design itself makes me happy 🙂

As usual, when I start making a new design, I know ‘more or less’ where I am going and what it will be, but I create the actual design itself ‘in the process’. This working method is my preferred one, but it is always very exciting how it turns out. I like the excitement of creating things in the moment.

The shawl has a rounded shape, and I am a big fan of this shape. I prefer not making making straight ends, I do not create a straight horizontal line. I prefer the ends bending to the inside, because this provides great wearing comfort and the shawl does not slide off your shoulders, even during activities like riding your bike, walking, ….

The pattern is written in 3 sizes ! This means you can simply choose to make your own preferred size shawl. (the Merino Shawl is size 1, the Elena shawl is size 3). The large edging has some optional beads as well.

Like always : a fully written pattern, with a crochet chart (for the edging in this pattern), and very well tested.

The pattern is available in English (US terms) and in Dutch.

I also want to write a quick note about the ‘Moeke Yarns Make A Long 2016’. This is a new event, that will take place every autumn from this year on. This event is  a celebration of fiber arts, crafts and makers –  to bring together pattern designers, artists, makers, shop owners who share the same values : a deep love for making, respect for animals and nature, and a view to the future while being committed to help preserve the local traditions and support local economies.

I am happy and honoured that my new shawl design is a part of this event. So join in ! There is a lot inspiration to be found, and some great prices can be won as well, info can be found here :  MYMakeAlong2016

Pattern : The Sun is Shining Moeke : available on the  website, Ravelry and Etsy

Yarn : Moeke Yarns Romanian Merino en Elena  (you need 600m of yarn for the smallest size, 800m for size 2 and 1300-1400m for size 3)

Info about Moeke Yarns : hier

Buying yarn : I bought my Moeke Yarns here : WolZoEerlijk and JaWol 

(there are no affiliates links in this post)

the sun is shining moeke shawl annelies vicarnothe sun is shining moeke shawl annelies vicarno

Release new crochet pattern : Biscuit Shawl

I am writing a very quick and short blogpost (I am so sorry I did not blog for such a long time), just to let you all know I am having a wonderful summer, full of joy and quality family time. So I have not been working much !

Nevertheless I managed to finish a new shawl design that I am releasing today  : Biscuit Shawl.

When I look at my shawl, I simply cannot stop seeing a yummie biscuit, and let’s face it : we all love delicious biscuits, no ?

The shawl is worked from the center, and round by round you make increases at the 4 corners, and you see your shawl growing and getting bigger !

As usual : a fully written pattern, in English (US terms) and in Dutch too, accompanied by a large chart.

Fully tested as well, thanks to Ans.

There is more ! This pattern is also written in 2 sizes : size 1 works great for those lovely gradient skeins of 825m yarn, and size 2 is perfect for the 900m skeins.

The sample shawl on the pictures is made with Unikat Biocotton Wol Zo Eerlijk, shade ‘High Tea’. This yarn can be purchased here : Wol Zo Eerlijk (this is not an affiliate link)

I am making a second sample as well, it is nearly finished, so I will soon able to show you pics.

Pattern : Biscuit Shawl on Ravelry and website  as well as on Etsy.

Crochet hook : 4 mm

Before I forget : I have some wonderful news ! From now on, every month I will be giving away 3 patterns !!!! Yes, correctly.

If you buy one of my patterns (no matter when you buy or have bought one), and make something lovely with, just share it on your social media and tag me or link me (facebook, instagram, …), that is all you have to do to participate. Every month 3 winners will get to choose a pattern for free.

(my instagram  :  Annelies_Baes and my facebook page :  Annelies Baes – Vicarno Crochet Designs

biscuit shawl annelies baes vicarno biscuit shawl annelies baes vicarno

Last Dance On The Beach – CAL – Week 11

De Scheepjes CAL 2016 ‘Last Dance on The Beach’ ging in april van start, als eerbetoon aan Marinke Slump (aka Wink). Elke week ontwerpt een andere Scheepjes blogger / ontwerper een nieuw motief, en al deze motieven samen vormen een mooie deken.

Since last april the Scheepjes CAL 2016 ‘Last Dance on The Beach’ is happening, as a tribute to Marinke Slump (aka Wink). Every week one of the Scheepjes bloggers / designers has made a wondeful square, and all those squares together make an amazing blanket. 

Deze week ben ik aan de beurt.
Vorig jaar mocht ik de Scheepjes CAL 2015 ‘Flight of Fancy’ ontwerpen, en ging er een voor mij tot dan toe onbekende CAL-wereld voor me open.
Als freelance haakontwerper had ik best al wel wat ervaring met ontwerpen, maar ik had nooit eerder aan een CAL meegewerkt, laat staan een ‘CAL gehost’.

It’s my turn this week ! 
As some of you know, I have been given the opportunity to design the Scheepjes CAL 2015 ‘Flight of Fancy’. This was my first CAL-experience ever 🙂 
As being a freelance designer, I already had quite some experience with designing and being published, but I never contributed to a CAL before. So hosting one, was more than exciting ! 

Ik vond het heerlijk om de ervaringen van Marinke te horen, die wel goed wist wat een CAL was en met zich meebracht. Haar tips, haar berichtjes via facebook, haar openheid.
Toen, ineens, het bericht dat ze er niet meer was. Knal, boem. Gedaan.
Een klap.

I liked talking to Marinke, about her experiences with her previous CAL. She shared her experiences with me, her thoughts. I like chatting with her, she cheered me up and gave me power.
Until that day, we got the message she was not longer here. She had passed away. All of a sudden. It was a shock.

Een paar dagen later zei onze jongste zoon, bij het zien van haar foto op mijn computerscherm : ‘Marinke ljkt op een elf’. Ik keek, en keek nog een keer. Hij had gelijk.
Bij het ontwerpen van mijn motief, zag ik een dansende elf. Veel beweging, veel gedans. Dansen betekent emotie, leven. Je kan rustig dansen, of juist heel wild, of misschien wel vrolijk, of heel ingetogen. Dansen = beweging. Die beweging wou ik weergeven. Alles is beweging !
Daarom het motief met de ‘dancing bobbles’.

A few days after her passing away, our youngest son saw her picture on my computer screen and he said : ‘Marinke looks like a fairy’. I looked, and looked again. He was right.
So when I started working on the design for my square, I remembered his words. I could not stop thinking about a ‘dancing fairy’. So I made my ‘Dancing Bobbles’ motif.
Dancing = emotions, life, movement, action. You can choose how you want to dance : gently, very modest, or wild, with lots of emotions. It is all movement. That is what I wanted to share with my motif.


Als ontwerper maak je, je creërt. Wat je voelt, wie je bent. Een ontwerp spreekt en zegt wat jij denkt, wat jij voelt. Elke steek is met zorg gehaakt, en samen vormen steken een patroon. Vaak moet je dingen uithalen, en een keer opnieuw beginnen. Het maken is een heel proces. Van niets naar iets.
Het moment waarop dat wat  je gemaakt hebt ‘naar de buitenwereld’ gaat is intens. Het is ‘niet zomaar iets dat je toont’, het  toont wie je bent, en wat je voelt.

Als ontwerper weet je dat je feedback krijgt van mensen, nadat je je creatie hebt getoond aan buitenwereld. Woorden van mensen die je haakwerk onder ogen krijgen, en die het zelf ook haken.
Vergeet echter niet dat er achter een ontwerp een mens zit. Dat je als ontwerper beseft dat je je creatie ‘geeft’, maar je geeft niet je hele persoon. Bepaalde aspecten hou je terecht liever voor jezelf.

Dus vraag ik vandaag gelijk even aandacht voor het ‘reageren’, dat is namelijk ook een proces, net zoals haken.
Een goede ontwerper haakt steek voor steek, en maakt een proces door.
Praten, reageren, woorden delen op sociale media is in het beste geval een soortgelijk proces. Waarbij je denkt, schrijft, herleest, schrapt en toevoegt.
Ik noem het ‘het praat-proces’.
Sociale media maakt mensen mondig, reageren kan snel, meteen, ‘instant’ is het. Helemaal leuk en fijn, meestal.

Helaas niet altijd. Hierover praatte ik ook met Marinke, net zoals zovelen anderen onder ons. Over de effecten van sociale media, over de effecten van de reacties van mensen. Vaak fijne reacties, die energie geven. Soms nare, denigrerende, kille, of heel af en toe zelfs bedreigende, angstaanjagende dingen.

Woorden zijn krachtig, gebruik ze wijs ! Steek voor steek, woord voor woord, maak er iets moois van !

Being a designer means you create ! You try to create beautiful things, with a meaning, your creations express what you feel, who you are. This actually means you expose yourself to the world, when you release a new design. You share.
Sharing things means you understand you will get feedback, reactions. What people think about your design, how they feel about making it themselves.

I would like to ask you all to keep in mind that giving feedback is in fact also a process, just like crocheting.  Word by work you make a sentence, you share what you feel. 

It is in fact like designing something beautiful : you work stitch by stitch, and create a piece, in 1 big beautiful process. Step by step, with lots of reflection. Sometimes you realise it is not good enough, and you rip it, and start over again. Until you are satisfied with it. Trying to achieve the best.
Please keep in minds words have lots of power ! 
Social media is a wonderful platform, you can react fast, easily, ‘instantly’. 

I talked about this several times with Marinke as well. About the effects social media have or can have on a designer’s life. How some beautiful and nice reactions make you feel good. How you can learn from people’s experiences, what they have to say. 

Unfortunately sometimes it can be very hard an tough as well, when you receive angry, scary, terrifying, or even threatening messages from people. Please remember a designer is a real person, with a real life, with emotions. 

Words are powerful, use them wise and with your heart ! Stitch by stitch, word by word, we all create and make the most beautiful things ! 

Het patroon voor de CAL kan je hier vinden : Scheepjes CAL 2016 Last Dance On The Beach
The pattern for the CAL can be found here : Scheepjes CAL 2016 Last Dance On The Beach
De video-tutorial van deze week vind je hier :  Video week 11
The video tutorial for this week can be found here : Video week 11
Yarn Packs for this CAL can be found at Woolwarehouse, they ship worldwide : Yarn Kits Scheepjes CAL       (this is an affiliate link)

Summer Agate Top : about the release of this new crochet pattern

Today I am releasing this new crochet pattern : ‘Summer Agate Top’. To make sure you have enough time to make yourself one or more summer tops and enjoy wearing it all summer long !

Feminine, airy, elegant, and refined, those are the keywords of this new design.

I like designing trendy ladies garments, so we can all feel pretty and good !

If you have bought one of my patterns before, you will already know I like to make patterns that are easy to follow, to make sure you love the making process, so you can enjoy every minute of it. What makes you happy, makes me happy !

This summer top design is written in 5 sizes : from XS up to XL. It has a delicate waist shaping, and personally I quite like the delicate edging on the neckline and the arm openings.

© kirsten mavric © kirsten mavric

I choose Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn for this design. I love Stonewashed ! It works up so quick and easily, and it guarantees such nice finishing. It also has a lot of yardage, so your top will be very light ! Depending on the size you need, you only need 5-7 balls of yarn.

The crochet pattern is fully written, also has a chart, and several detailed pictures are added as well.

As usual, the pattern has been tested by my testing panel.

This design has also been published in  Inside Crochet (it even made it to the cover), and they have made these gorgeous pictures !

The pattern can be purchased in the pattern shop, on Ravelry and on Etsy. So hurry and grab your copy, so you can be shiny and gorgeous all summer long !Y

You can buy Stonewashed yarn at Woolwarehouse, they ship worldwide and have an excellent customer service, you can find it here : Woolwarehouse   *

Don’t forget to show me your finished projects ! On facebook  : Vicarno Crochet Designs  or on Instagram : annelies_baes

Have a lovely and creative day !

© kirsten mavric © kirsten mavric   11329766_945205395538812_5452586639948735102_n © kirsten mavric

* this is an affiliate link


Yarn : a new magazine full of inspiration and patterns

Wonderful and exciting news ! Scheepjes has just released a new book-a-zine, called ‘YARN’.

An amazing publication, full of inspiration and patterns for craft people : knitting, crochet, macramé, and so much more.

Printed on high quality paper, and some great extras that will make you enjoy this book-a-zine even more : blanco pages to write down your own notes, the magazine can lay flat when it is open, stitched spine, multifunctional fold out flap, …

‘Pocket’ size, so easy to put it in your handbag or project bag as well.

Filled with stunning pictures, and beautiful lay-out.

High quality designs, there are 15 patterns in this edition !

(and a little secret I am telling you, I am in it too, with 3 designs : a lovely summer ‘Seaweed Shawl’, a happy ‘Beach Tunic’ and a very trendy ‘Open Back Sweater’.

So, go and grab this first ‘SEA’-edition of YARN and enjoy !!!!

Yarn is available at Woolwarehouse, here : Yarn Magazine

and at Scheepjes retailers. (the list of retailers can be found here : Scheepjes shops)

yarn annelies baes vicarno scheepjes publicationyarn annelies baes vicarno scheepjes publication

yarn annelies baes vicarno scheepjes publication

(This blogposts contains an affiliate link)

Scheepjes CAL 2016 ‘Last dance on the beach’

The new Scheepjes CAL 2016 ‘Last dance on the beach’ is an amazing CAL.

As many of you know, this was the final design of Marinke Slump (aka Wink), before her passing.

To honour her creative light and her talent, 12 of Marinke’s friends and bloggers put their energy and crochet skilss together, to finish Marinke’s unfinished design and completed this CAL. A tribute to Marinke, and an invitation to all people to join Marinke’s last dance on the beach.

Scheepjes has put together 6 wonderful yarn kits, all the colours were choosen by Marinke herself.

There are 3 basic kits in Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn : these kits contain the yarn, and a lovely special label.

There are also 3 luxury kits in Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn : with all the yarn in it, the special label, and some extra goodies, all put together in an amazing bag.

The kits will be available in 3 colour choices : Dance under the stars, Dance in the sea and Dance in the rain.


No need to say I am truly honoured and proud to be able to participate in this CAL, together with 11 other designers :

Esther from ‘It’s all in a Nutshell‘ will be making videos, as we all remember from last year’s CAL, she is the queen of video’s and tutorials !

There are 2 Facebook groups, where you can talk about this CAL , and find some helpful info and support as well : The international group can be found here : Scheepjes CAL international group  and the Dutch group can be found here : Scheepjes CAL Dutch group.

The design can also be found on Ravelry, so do not forget it to add it to your queue :  Last Dance on the Beach

Kits will be available soon in the stores, and the CAL itself starts on April 20th.

I am still deciding which kit I will choose, which blanket I want to make. Tell me : which is your favourite blanket ?

For international customers : Kits can be purchased at : Woolwarehouse, Paradisefibers, Deramores, … For South-Africa : Be Inspired

For Belgium and the Netherlands : you can find all the Scheepjes shops here : Scheepjes shops






FREE Crochet Pattern : Baby blanket full of colours

As promised I am happy to share the FREE crochet pattern for the baby blanket full of colours.

What’s even more exciting : I am in the Crochetville Blogtour today as well !

Today is day 7 of this month-long celebration of the craft of crochet and day 7 of Crochetville’s NatCroMo 2016 Blog Tour.

Thank you so much to Amy Shelton and Donna Hulka of Crochetville for providing us with a wonderful way to share and celebrate crochet through their Blog Tour.


The Baby Blanket : 

Materials : 

  • Scheepjes Catona yarn : shades : 114, 113, 252, 384, 212 and 386  (100 % cotton, 1 ball = 50gr = 125 m) , I used 2 balls of each colour, 12 balls in total.
  • Scheepjes Invicta Colour yarn : shade 968  (75 % superwash wool, 25 % polyamide, 1 ball = 100gr = 420 m), I used 4 balls
  • Crochet hook 5,5 mm (or any other hook size that feels comfortable when using both yarns together)
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pins and mat for blocking
  • you can add the Baby Blanket Pattern to your Ravelry queue here :  Baby Blanket Pattern

babydeken vicarno annelies baes haakpatroon crochet pattern

Abbreviations (US terms throughout) : 

  • ch : chain
  • dc : double crochet
  • BPdc : back post double crochet
  • FPdc : front post double crochet
  • shell : 3dc + 1ch + 3dc in 1 stitch
  • FPshell : 1FPdc + 2dc + 1ch + 2dc + 1FPdc : work 1FPdc around 1post stitch 1 row below, work 2dc+1ch+2dc in 1ch-space (between 2 post stitches 1 row below) and end with 1FPdc in next post stitch 1 row below.
  • BPshell : 1BPdc + 2dc + 1ch + 2dc + 1BPdc :work 1BPdc around 1post stitch 1 row below, work 2dc+1ch+2dc in 1ch-space (between 2 post stitches 1 row below) and end with 1BPdc in next post stitch 1 row below.
  • RS : right side
  • WS : wrong side
  • slst : slipstitch

Info : 

  • measurements of my finished blanket : 90 cm wide and 140 cm long / 36 ” wide and 56 “” high
  • 3ch at beginning of row = 1dc
  • 4ch at beginning of row = 1dc+1ch
  • Colour changes : The entire blanket is worked with 2 strands together : 1 thread of Invicta Colour and 1 thread of Catona. I started with Catona shade 114, followed by 113, 252, 384, 212 and finally 386. (see picture). I simply worked 2 balls of Catona in each colour. The lovely colour changes of the Invicta Colour yarn together with  the Catona will give you the stunning effect !
  • if you want to make a blanket with other measurements : make sure your number of base chains can be divided by 10 + 7.

IMG_1623 (1)

Pattern : 

  • Row 1 (WS) : Ch137, start in 6nd ch from hook, 3dc in 1ch, miss 3ch, 1dc in next ch, 1ch and miss 1ch, 1dc in next ch, * miss 3ch, 1shell in next ch, miss 3ch, 1dc in next ch, 1ch and miss 1ch, 1dc in next ch; repeat from * until 5ch are left, miss 3ch, in next ch : 3dc, 1ch and miss 1ch, end with 1dc in last ch, turn.
  • Row 2 (RS) : 4ch (=1dc+1ch throughout), in first 1ch-space : 3dc, * 1FPdc around 1dc, 1ch, 1FPdc around next dc, in 1ch-space of shell : 1shell; repeat from * up to and including last shell, 1FPdc around 1dc, 1ch, 1FPdc around next dc, in last 1ch-space : 3dc, 1ch and end with 1dc in 3rd ch, turn.
  • Row 3 : 4ch, in first 1ch-space : 1dc, 1BPshell in next 2FPdc and 1ch, * in 1ch-space of shell : 1dc+1ch+1dc, 1BPshell in next 2FPdc and 1ch; repeat from * up to and including last 2FPdc and 1ch, in last 1ch-space : 1dc, 1ch and end with 1dc in 3rd ch, turn.
  • Row 4 : 4ch, 1FPdc around first post stitch of BPshell, * in 1ch-space of BPshell : 1shell, 1FPdc around last post stitch of same  BPShell, miss 1dc+1ch+1dc,  1ch, 1FPdc around first post stitch of next BPshell; repeat from * up to and including last BPshell, work in 1ch-space of this last BPshell : 1shell, 1FPdc around last post stitch of BPshell, 1ch and end with 1dc in 3rd ch, turn.
  • Row 5 : 4ch, 1BPdc around FPdc, in 1ch-space of shell : 1shell, * 1BPdc around next FPdc, 1ch, 1BPdc around next FPdc, in 1ch-space of shell : 1shell; repeat from *up to and including last shell, 1BPdc around last FPdc, 1ch and end with 1dc in 3rd ch, turn.
  • Row 6 : 4ch, in first 1ch-space : 2dc, 1FPdc around first BPdc, * in 1ch-space of shell : 1dc+1ch+1dc, 1FPshell around next 2BPdc and 1ch; repeat from * up to and including last 2BPdc and 1ch, in 1ch-space of shell : 1dc+1ch+1dc, 1FPdc around last BPdc, 2dc in last 1ch-space, 1ch and end with 1dc in 3rd ch, turn.
  • Row 7 : 4ch, in first 1ch-space : 3dc, 1BPdc around first FPdc, 1ch and miss 1dc+1ch+1dc, * 1BPdc around first FPdc of FPshell,  in 1ch-space of FPshell : 1shell, 1BPdc around last FPdc of this FPshell, miss 1dc+1ch+1dc;  repeat from * up to and including last 1dc+1ch+1dc, work 1BPdc around last FPdc, in last 1ch-space : 3dc, 1ch and end with 1dc in 3rd ch, turn.
  • Row 8 : 4ch, in first 1ch-space : 3dc, * 1FPdc around first BPdc, 1ch, 1FPdc around next BPdc, in 1ch-space of shell : 1shell; repeat from * up to and including last shell, 1FPdc around next BPdc, 1ch, 1FPdc around next BPdc, in last 1ch-space : 3dc, 1ch and end with 1dc in 3rd ch, turn.
  • Rows 3 – 8 form the pattern rows.
  • Rows 9 – 102 : Keep repeating the pattern rows. End with a row 6.

chart baby blanket

Border : 

I decided to keep the border very simple.

The border is worked with 2 strands of Invicta Colour together.

  • Round 1 (RS) : attach yarn in upper corner, work in corner : 1ch+1sc+3ch+1sc+3ch, now work along upper side of blanket in every post stitch and in every 1ch-space of shell : 1dc+3ch, work in the next corner : 1sc+3ch+1sc+3ch, next work along first long side down : 1sc+3ch in every row, in lower corner : 1sc+3ch+1sc+3ch. Work along lower side (base chain) : 1sc+3ch in every chain where a stitch has been mde, in the next corner : 1sc+3ch+1sc+3ch, work along second long side like you did for first long side, close round with 1slst in first sc, turn.
  • Round 2 (WS) : 1ch+1slst in first 3ch-space, + 1sc+3ch in same space, next work in every next 3ch-space : 1sc+3ch. Close round with slst in first sc. Cut yarn and cast off. You can of course decide to make a wider border. (if you do so, keep in mind to increase some stitches in the corners regularly)

Finishing : 

  • weave in all ends.
  • Block your blanket and allow to dry naturally
  • Ready !

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Where to find Scheepjes yarns ? For international shoppers : check out the Scheepjes yarns at  Deramores, Woolwarehouse, Be Inspired  and Paradise Fibers. For Belgium and The Netherlands : you can find a list of the shops on the Scheepjes website.

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IMPORTANT : All my patterns are copyright protected. It is not allowed to copy my patterns, or sell them, or share them in any other way. (it is also not allowed to turn this pattern into a pdf file or any other form to distribute). Linking to the pattern is of course allowed and much appreciated. This crochet pattern is a Vicarno – Annelies Baes design, and my property.

babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes

Reveal : baby blanket full of colours and suprises !

I have finished my baby blanket full of colours and suprises and I am totally happy with it.

It was a joy to make it, I enjoyed every stitch, every minute, and it was really exciting to see every colour change made. I think the wonderful Scheepjes Invicta Colour yarn with the beautiful colour changes and the  bright colours of the Catona yarn make an excellent combination.

A lot of you probably think my yarn choice was not quite logical, and a bit surprising, when I started talking about combining a cotton yarn together with a wool sock yarn. I received lots of questions regarding my yarn choice : how does it work up together ? do you like using both strands together ? will the yarns not shrink when washing them ? how does it feel, is it soft enough ?

  • it is a joy to crochet with these yarns held together ! at first it feels a bit strange, but it is in fact just a mental thing, as soon as you decide to enjoy the process, you will really enjoy it ! Working with 2 strands together is quite easy, and the most wonderful part of it : it works up really quickly !!!
  • It does not shrink, not at all. I tested it before starting to make the actual blanket. I washed my swatch at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Since the Catona is a strong cotton yarn, and the Invicta Colour a solid and soft sock yarn, it is easy to wash them. Personally, I would consider washing this blanket at 30 degrees gentle programme to be sure.
  • Yes, it is soft enough, the combination of these 2 yarns give you a solid strong, warm and SUPERSOFT blanket !

babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes

I decided to use the 6 different Catona colours simply one bye one, after each other, creating lovely stripes ! Thanks to the colour changes in the Invicta yarn, the final result is very surprising, with lots of subtle and bright colour changes, that make me really happy.

Next week I will share the FREE CROCHET PATTERN with you !

Pattern : surprise baby blanket

Yarn : a combination of Scheepjes Invicta Colour and Scheepjes Catona  : the colours I used : InvictaColour 968 and Catona 252; 114, 384, 212, 113 and 386.

For international shoppers : check out the Scheepjes yarns at  Deramores, Woolwarehouse, Be Inspired  and Paradise Fibers. For Belgium and The Netherlands : you can find a list of the shops on the Scheepjes website.

(some of the links are affiliate links, to support me as a crochet designer and making it possible for me to make free patterns)

babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes babyblanket annelies vicarno freecrochetpattern design scheepjes

WIP : blanket-adventure full of colourful surprises !

Last week I wrote about the beginning of my crochet adventure full of colour, and showed you my lovely balls of colourful yarn I choose for this new design.

This week I am really happy to show you the progress I am making !

The surprise-effect in design is mainly the combination of the bright colours and the combination of 2 totally different yarn textures.

Working with  Scheepjes Invicta Colour, a great soft and warm sock yarn with a long colour changing, AND also with the Scheepjes Catona cotton balls, is renewing and I love it so much.

I actually crochet with 2 strands together, 1 strands of each yarn, creating the most wonderful colour changes and colour accents !

I am designing a baby blanket, and we all know baby blankets need to be soft, warm and breathable. And also very easy to wash.

This means my yarn choice is not only a surprising one, but also a clever one 🙂   Since both yarns have all these qualities in them.

Did you also notice the lovely stitch pattern I am using ? With the relief in it ? And the lovely waves ?

I love working on the blanket, and the good thing is I will have it ready by next week. So make sure to come back and take a look at the finished blanket. (and I will also make a FREE pattern soon as well)

Pattern : surprise baby blanket

Yarn : a combination of Scheepjes Invicta Colour and Scheepjes Catona  : the colours I used for this design  : InvictaColour 968 and Catona 252; 114, 384, 212, 113 and 386.

For international shoppers : check out the Scheepjes yarns at  Deramores, Woolwarehouse, Be Inspired  and Paradise Fibers. For Belgium and The Netherlands : you can find a list of the shops on the Scheepjes website.

(some of the links are affiliate links, to support me as a crochet designer and making it possible for me to make free patterns)
babydeken vicarno annelies baes haakpatroon crochet pattern babydeken vicarno annelies baes haakpatroon crochet pattern DSC_0213

The beginning of an adventure full of colours and surprises

It is time for a new design, a new adventure full of colour, full of suprises.

Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfortzone and take a deep jump to try out something new.

Let’s take a look at the yarn I choose for this adventure  : 6 lovely bright shades of Scheepjes Catona garen, together with a ball of  Scheepjes Invicta Colour sockyarn

Aren’t you curious what I am planning to make ?

I will have an update by next week, together with some lovely sneak peek pictures.

Scheepjes Catona is a fantastic cotton yarn, strong and soft, and gently mercerised. It is available in 25 gr and 50 gr balls, and in 69 (yes, this is actually true ! ) stunning colours.

Scheepjes Invicta Colour is a warm, strong and yet very soft sock yarn, with a lovely handdyed look.

For international shoppers : check out the Scheepjes yarns at  Deramores, Woolwarehouse, Be Inspired  and Paradise Fibers. For Belgium and The Netherlands : you can find a list of the shops on the Scheepjes website.

scheepjes catona invicta colour annelies vicarno design