New crochet pattern : mesh cardigan for ladies

I have a new crochet pattern ready and I am releasing it today : a ladies mesh cardigan!

A super-trendy design, with nice openworked stitch pattern, and a comfortable fit ! This cardi is also featherlight, because thanks to the nice lacy stitchwork, it does not require high amounts of yarn.

The design is topdown, meaning : you start at the neckline, and work your way down, all seamlessly and in 1 piece. So a zero-frustration project, because there is no seaming at the end. And the good thing is, while crocheting this trendy piece, you can try it on whenever you want to, to see if you are happy with it as it is, and if necessary, you can make small adjustments, like making it longer or shorter, or …..

The pattern is fully written, in 3 sizes : S-M, M-L and L-XL. Available in English (US terms) and in Dutch. It also has a nice chart, and even a sketch with all the measurements.

And as always, the pattern is tested by my testing panel, which assures a high quality product.


Summer Mesh Cardigan Annelies Baes Vicarno

Let’s take about the yarn I used : the super-de-luxe Scheepjes Linen Soft Yarn (needless to say I am a big fan of this natural yarn, with its beautiful colours and wonderfull structure). Both my cardigans are made with the linen yarn. But… if you prefer a fluffy supersoft cardigan, I suggest you make it in Scheepjes Softfun. And I you are in the mood for a warmer and more winter version, I advise you to choose the new Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn. (by the way : if any of you can offer me ‘a box of extra time’, I want to make myself a merino version as well).

The grey cardigan is modeled by Atty, from Atty’s. I was thrilled and very happy when she wanted to be a model during the photoshoot. She looks amazing, don’t you agree ?

I am wearing the blue cardi myself, the picture is taken on a summer day, very quickly, in the garden 🙂

I wish you all a happy weekend!

Pattern : linen mesh cardigan : Ravelry and webshop

Yarn : Scheepjes Linen Soft (other great yarn options are  Scheepjes Softfun and Scheepjes merino soft)

Crochet hook : 4 or 4,5 mm

linnen cardigan annelies baes haakpatroon vicarno


Adventure vest in Inside Crochet

Children love to play, and the like being adventurous.

Giddy-up horse ! Running around, having so much fun, outside !

And of course they prefer to do it in style, with a nice adventure vest, that is made in beautiful colours. Because my experience is, children need a lot of colours, it makes  them happy and they all look fabulous with some coloured accents.

adventure vest - Inside Crochet - A,nnelies Baes adventure vest - Inside Crochet - A,nnelies Baes adventure vest - Inside Crochet - A,nnelies Baes

So I decided to make this vest in Scheepjes Softfun, it is available in lots of colours. And it is sooooo soft, it feels ‘like litle soft cushions’. And being a mother myself, I think it is important to choose yarns that are very easy to wash too 🙂

The pattern comes in 3 sizes, and is published in Inside Crochet, Issue 68.

Inside Crochet is a wonderfull high quality crochet magazine, full of inspiration and filled with lots of great crochet patterns, suitable for all levels ! You can buy it in a lot of stores, and also online. (I have a subscription for several years now, and I enjoy reading it every month).

Pattern : adventure vest – Annelies Baes

Published in : Inside Crochet, edition 68 / many thanks to Inside Crochet for the lovely pictures.

Yarn : Scheepjes Softfun and Softfun Denim.

adventure vest - Inside Crochet - A,nnelies Baes adventure vest - Inside Crochet - A,nnelies Baes