Free crochet pattern : mohair flower-brooch

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Today, I have finished the free crochet pattern for the vintage and amour flower brooches.

Do you remember my previous post about mohair yarn ? Where I shared lots of information about Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm and told you about my Mohair-Mission ? You can find that blogpost here :  Mohair-Mission 1

And there is much more to come, soon : more useful information, tips & tricks, …

Ad today I am sharing my free pattern : Mohair-Mission 2 !

crochet haken broche brooch design crochet pattern annelies baees vicarno

Info and what do you need to make this brooch or brooches  : 

– Yarn : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm, small amounts in the shades you like. (1 ball = 25gr = 200m / 70 % mohair, 30 % micro)

– I made the amour-brooch with shades orange (689, ChaCha), fucsia (686, Merengue) dark red (683, Tango), and bright red (684, Flamenco).

– The vintage brooch is made with : light grey (674, Robotic)

You can find this wonderful yarn at Deramores, they ship worldwide and their service is exellent. Take a look here to see all available shades : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm

(this is an affiliate link)

– Crochet hook : 5 mm

– Used stitches : chain (ch), slipstitch (slst), single crochet (sc). I use US crochet terms.

– You also need : scissors, tapestry needle to weave in all ends, pins and mat for blocking, small beads, brooch-pin, small piece of felt.

– Crochet charts : I have added crochet charts and pictures.

Pattern :

The flower-brooch is made in separate pieces. Those parts on put on top of each other and carefully sewn together.

You always work on the right side, so do not turn.

Part 1 (Orange part, shade ChaCha) :

– 5ch, close round with 1slst in first ch.
– Round 1 : work 1ch+10sc in the ring, close with 1slst in first sc (do not turn). – 10sc
– Round 2 : in first sc : 4ch, in every next sc : 1slst+4ch, close with 1slst in first slst. – 10 x 4ch-spaces
– Cut yarn and cast off.

Mohair bloem 1 freecrochetpattern annelies vicarno mohair-missionmohair-mission amour brooch freecrochetpattern annelies vicarno

Part 2 (in shade fucsia, merengue) :

– 5ch, close round with 1slst in first ch.
– Round 1 : work 1ch+20sc in the ring, close with 1slst in first sc.  – 20sc
– Round 2 : in first sc : 4ch, in every next sc : 1slst+4ch, close with 1slst in first slst. – 20 x 4ch-spaces
– Round 3 : work in first 4ch-space : 1slst in first ch, 1slst in 2nd ch, 1slst around center of ch-space, 5ch, in every next 4ch-space : 1slst+5ch, close with 1slst in first slst.  – 20 x 5ch-spaces
– Round 4 : work in first 5ch-space: 1slst in first, 2nd and 3rd ch, 1slst around center of ch-space, 6ch, in every next 5ch-space : 1slst+5ch, close with 1slst in first slst.  – 20l x 6ch-spaces
– Cut yarn and cast off.

Mohair bloem 2 freecrochetpattern annelies vicarno mohair-mission design

mohair-mission amour brooch freecrochetpattern annelies vicarno

Part 3 (in shade dark red, Tango) :

– Round 1-4 : see part 2.
– Round 5 : work in first 6ch-space : 1slst in first, 2nd and 3rd ch, 1slst around ch-space, 7ch, in every next 6ch-space : 1slst-7ch, close with 1slst in first slst.  – 20 x 7ch-spaces
– Cut yarn and cast off.

Mohair bloem 3 freecrochetpattern vicarno annelies design mohair-mission

mohair-mission amour brooch freecrochetpattern annelies vicarno

Part 4 (shade red, Flamenco) :

– 5ch, close round with 1slst in first ch.
– Round 1 : work 1ch+16sc in the ring, close with 1slst in first sc. – 16sc
– Round 2-5 : see part 3, but now work 16 ch-spaces, instead of 20.  – 16 x 4/5/6/7 ch-spaces
– Cut yarn and cast off.

mohair-mission amour brooch freecrochetpattern annelies vicarno

Finishing :

– Put part 4 below.
– Place part 3 on top of part 4, and sew together in the center, very carefully.
– Next place part 2 on top of parts 4+3 and sew together in the center, very carefully again.
– End with part 1 on top, also sew very carefully together, and leave a long orange tail.
– Make sure your long yarn tail is on the right side of the flower, and next make 7 small petals with beads in the center of the flower, and attach them ‘on the sc-rounds’ : I prefer beading 5 small beads on my orange thread and next make a small sewing stitch in a sc of the sc-round. Repeat this 7 times, forming 7 small detailed petals. Next finish the flower heart : make 3 larger petals in the 7-petal circle : by beading 7 small beads each time and sew carefully.
– Weave in all ends.
– Optional : cut a small felt circle and sew it on the back of your flower.
– Sew the brooch pin on to the felt circle / or the flower itself.

Ready !

This brooch will certainly make a stunning detail on your favourite dress, on your preferred bag, or as a lovely present.

Do not forget to share your brooch creations with me, and the entire world, on facebook, instagram and other social media.

My Facebook-page : Vicarno Crochet Designs  (here you can find all new pattern releases, give-aways, and lots of other exciting stuff)

Instagram : annelies_baes

Enjoy your weekend !

A mohair mission and an amour-brooch

Today I have decided that we all need a mohair mission !

Myself, I am a big mohair fan : mainly because mohair is incredibly soft, very comfortable,warm, and light as a cloud.

Scheepjes have just released a brand new yarn :  Mohair Rhythm yarn. It is available in 20 lovely shades, eachnamed after a dance, absolutely original !

I was truly lucky to have received some sample balls, and I just needed to start making some nice little projects, IMMEDIATELY !

But, I discovered lots of people seem to have a huge resistance to using mohair. It seems to me that they are a little afraid of this amazing yarn 🙂  And when I ask people why, I get answers like : it makes you sweat, it itches, it’s hairy, you can’t frog it when you make a mistake, it’s expensive, ….

To be honest, I personally do not share these opinions.

Therefore, I have decided to start a mohair-mission. I think it is of major importance that people learn what an amazing yarn mohair truly is, so the mohair-fear can disappear, and it will be used much more often to make nice projects and designs !

I would love to see  people appreciating, and being enthusiastic about mohair.

So I will start with giving you some info concerning the contra-arguments people have been telling me :

  • mohair is sweaty : that is possible, yes. But not all mohair yarns are sweaty. I know a lot of mohair yarns that mainly consist of synthetic materials, and just a tiny percentage of REAL mohair. The higher the percentage of synthetic materials in a yarn, the more chance it will be sweaty, because it breathes less. So now for the good part  : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm has 70 % true mohair in it. This actually means : no sweating, no itching, because the yarn is very natural and pure.
  • mohair is itchy : Again, the same news : yes, some mohair yarns are itchy : mainly when they have a high percentage of synthetic fibres in it. Scheepjes mohair is VERY pure , so there is no itching, no irritation, no other nasty annoying things. It is actually very soft, tender and fluffy.
  • mohair sheds : After you wash your handmade item for the first time, a good mohair yarn will no longer shed. (I am sharing a bit of a little secret here : of course I have tested this with the Scheepjes mohair. I crocheted a cardigan very quickly and franticly, washed it, and have been wearing it for days now, and it has NOT shed at all).
  • it is impossible to frog mohair : this is a hard one, I admit. Of course, I can only say it is best NOT to make too many mistakes 🙂  But sometimes it goes wrong. The good news is : yes, you can frog Scheepjes mohair. It is not always very simple or easy, but with a few little handy tricks and some patience, it can be done. I promise to make a video very soon , on how to frog mohair ! (yep, indeed, I am committing myself to make my very first crochet video ever 🙂 )
  • mohair is expensive : what can I say ? What is expensive for one person, is not expensive for someone else. So this is a hard question. A lovely ball of Scheepjes Mohair costs € 5,50. You will get a royal ball of 200 m of yarn. That is A LOT of yarn in 1 ball. You actually buy a ball of pure quality, pure pureness, a ball of happiness and pleasure. Those things are priceless no ? So for me, these little generous balls of fluffiness are not expensive at all !

11222363_488047804706800_6732960438096846295_n 12219426_1172812452747419_5635797479825992599_n

I will as well share some more mohair advantages with you  :

  • Scheepjes Mohair is light, actually light as a feather, or a cloud ! That is one big advantage, if you like making larger projects (like I do) : sweaters, cardigans, large shawls. No more heavy garments, but really light cardigans or sweaters.
  • It is soft and warm : it will keep you comfortable and warm, mainly because it has such a high percentage of true wool in it. Wool regulates the human body temperature. This means actually it adapts itself to the person wearing it : if you need some extra warmth, it will provide you that little extra. If you are a ‘warm person’, it will allow you to keep your own warmth and provide you comfort. Wool has such amazing advantages and powers, that even the medical world will not deny it : people suffering from muscle problems, arthritis, … often get the advise from doctors to wear woollen clothes. Because it is so good for all of us.
  • Wool does not require frequent washing : wool itself is self-cleaing, which means you do not have to wash it very often. As mohair is wool, so that makes laundry easy 🙂  Maybe you noticed yourself already, that your woolen cardigans and scarfs do not need frequent washing, like other garments. This is truly nature at its best.
  • The colours : Let’s admit it, let’s be honest. Mohair always had a kind of ‘old-fashioned’ image. It was available in those basic colours, like beige, grey, or sometimes the very dark colours. But if you like the fancy vivid and rich colours, like I do, it was almost impossible to use mohair. Now, fantastic news : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm is available in 20 rich, vivid and bright colours, and also has some pastels and neutral tones as well. Simply said : there is colour of a Mohair Rhythm for all of us.
  • the easy-start label : all Mohair Rhythm balls have this wonderful amazing label. No more fussy situations : no more frustration when crocheting (and having to almost ‘throw’ your ball in the air not to loose too much time and having to get some extra yarn to use). No, just easy-going and relaxing crocheting straight from the center of the ball.
  • The strength of mohair : although mohair has a tender and fragile appearance, it is STRONG ! And it holds its shape very well.
  • Mohair is a wonderful yarn to combine : it is so multi-functional : use it ‘single threaded’ to make delicate designs, or take 2, 3 or even more strands together for a more fluffy and warm effect. Why not combine it with other yarns, to achieve special fashionable effects ? Play with your crochet hook size as well : use a rather small hook size for a dense look, or if you prefer a more openworked effect, go up several hook sizes.

You see, mohair is absolutely worth trying it 🙂

Hopefully I already convinced you with my mission-text.

And let’s not forget I designed some lovely brooches : a small, easy and original little project, that makes a great Christmas gift, or a special treat for yourself.

With only 1 ball of Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm you can make one of these brooches. So no excuse not to try it, isn’t it ? Probably you will become a huge mohair-fan, just like me, once your brooch is ready !

I have made 2 brooches : 1 vintage inspired brooch (the one I already showed you last week), and one ‘Amour-brooch’, in shades of pink and orange. (yep, I have decided to call it ‘Amour-brooch’, since my dear husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary soon, and I will wear this brooch, together with a lovely dress, I bought especially for  this occasion).

I am writing down the FREE pattern as we speak, and I will post it next week.

And… there is more to come soon :

  • some helpful examples of mohair samples crocheted with small and larger hook sizes.
  • an informative video on how to easily frog mohair
  • some interesting examples of mohair yarns combined with other yarns
  • information on how you can use mohair to make lovely garments
  • …..

If you already want to be prepared for next week’s free pattern, I am happy to tell you what you will need :

  • 1 ball Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm (if you want to make a multi-coloured brooch, you will of course need different colours)
  • a crochet hook 5 mm (yes, the yarn label says 2,5 mm, but for this project we will be using a 5mm hook size)
  • a tapestry needle to weave in all ends
  • a pair of scissors
  • some small seed beads
  • a brooch pin
  • optional : a small round or square piece of felt

You can buy this amazing yarn at Deramores, they ship worldwide with excellent service. You can take a look at all the available shades here : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm

crochet haken broche brooch design crochet pattern annelies baees vicarno

A colourfull new design

I am definitely in the mood for lots of happy colours ! So I decided to choose some lovely shades in the big  Scheepjes Catona-collection : fucsia, poisoned green, orange, purple and bright blue. (and yes, of course I had 2 balls of fucsia as well, but I just could not resist trying it out before even taking the picture 🙂 )

I am using the 50gr balls. (the entire Scheepjes Catona collection is also available in little cute 25gr balls).

And because I am a big fan of warmth, and soft wool, I am also adding some  Scheepjes Invicta Colour balls : shade 968.

And now the big question : what will I be making ? Who knows ?


A new bag design is coming up : yarn-happiness

I am enjoying my new pile of yarn, lovely Lopi yarn, the super-bulky Lopi, in a wonderfull shade of brown.

And since I know pretty well what I will be making 🙂  I already decided to pick out the necessary accessories as well !

Now I just need a bit of time to ‘create the full design’ in my imagination and in my head, before it will come out as I want it to be.

Curious about what and how ? Stay tuned !

Enjoy your day.

WIP : the basket with bloom

I am working on my fruit basket design with the colourfull  Scheepjes Bloom yarn.

I am enjoying every moment of it : bright colours, a stretchy stitch pattern, and lots of variation 🙂

Next week I will have the entire basket finished and will share the result with you !

I wish you all a happy and creative weekend and : what are you all making  ? I am very curious ! So please let me know.

Scheepjes-Bloom-kleurkaart-2 IMG_0492 IMG_0488

It’s a Sunny Day Shawl : WIP

A quick update about my new design with  Scheepjes Softfun and Softfun Denim : I am making a shawl : It’s A Sunny Day Shawl.

The body is made in crème, and I decided to go for a large edging in fuchsia, turquoise, rose and dark jeansblue.

The entire shawl ? I am finishing it this week and will blog about the final shawl next week. And I am happy to share the free pattern the week after.

I wish you all a sunny day.

(the dark jeansblue is not shown on the picture below, I added that colour afterwards)


The beginning of a new design : it’s a sunny day

I always love the beginning of starting a new design : choosing the yarn !

In the past, I was already tempted by the  Scheepjes Softfun several times, because the colours are so great, so I already had some skeins in my stash, but never found ‘THE’ project for it. But when the new Scheepjes Softfun Denim came out, it was clear : I just needed to make a summer design with it.

I do not know about you, but I am a total fan of the denim trend.

So I picked out some lovely summer colours : some pink, fuchsia and turquoise and combined it with Softfun crème.

Are you already curious what I will be making with this yarn ? Stay tuned and come back next week, for an update !

And because it is a happy summer design : I decided to call it ‘it’s a sunny day’ !



Design Wars : I participate !

I’ve got some very exciting news : from Monday on, I am participating in the Design Wars, a very exciting crochet contest. For me, it is the first time !

The design I have created is a secret until the beginning of next week 🙂 but I can tell you what yarn I have used.

RedHeart Boutique Unforgettable. Wonderfull yarn, with colours that change so slightly, and it is available in lots of different shades. I decide to go for the shade Candied.

A generous skein of 100 gram and lots of yardage : 225m/279yd. Super if you want to make large projects, like garments, shawls or blankets. It is not heavy at all, and supersoft. It works up great, it has a wonderfull ‘monther-of-pearlish’ shine, and it is very to wash. I wanted to use if for a long time, and I was really happy I could start working with this yarn.

I think my  Vermillion cardigan and my Blue Notes Col are great designs that would look wonderfull with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.

Vermiljoen cardigan Vermiljoen cardiganDSC_0351 DSC_0318

Are you all very curious now about my design ? Just a few day more days until the release date 🙂

You can also go to The Design Wars blog  to stay tuned!


A new project : with Bloom yarn

Bloom : the new yarn from Scheepjeswol : I just could not resist it.

I can already feel spring in the air, bird whistles at my bedroom in the morning, so I just needed some colourfull spring-and summer yarn.

The Bloom colours are wonderfull, very vivid, there is a lot of yardage per skein (so your project will not be heavy at all), the yarn is pure and soft cotton (yes, that is possible indeed, a pure cotton SOFT yarn), and I am a big fan of the ‘natural stretch’ it has as well.

So, quite obvious, I just needed this yarn to try it out.

I picked 6 happy colours for a happy summer design!

Are you all curious what I am making with this yarn ? Just come back next week for a WIP-update 🙂




Denim – yarn

I am a huge denim fan : denim is beautiful, strong, it makes me happy and cheerfull, ….

And the big news is : denim is really hot and trendy now.

Denim in all colours, a real trendsetter for the upcoming seasons.

So I made quite a joy dance when I discovered Scheepjes Simply Soft Denim, a totally new yarn from Scheepjeswol. No need to say I just could not resist it.

The yarn is soft, a wonderfull cotton-acrylic mixture, strong, has a lot of yardage, and it is available in 11 gorgeous colours. Choosing colours was too hard for me, so I decided to take them all 🙂

Guess how I will spend my evening tonight ? Yes, indeed, on the sofa with my new yarn, crocheting and enjoying it!


Spoiled with yarn / Verwend met garen

Ik ben zooooooo verwend,

met prachtig garen….

ik kan haast niet wachten om ermee aan de slag te gaan :

I am sooooo spoiled,

with lovely yarn….

I can hardly start to start crocheting with it : 

Malabrigo silky merino Azules en Celeste

Malabrigo silky merino Azules and Celeste

Malabrigo Finito Bronce en Silkpaca Periwinkle
Malabrigo Finito Bronce and Silkpaca Periwinkle

Malabrigo Silkpaca Simply Taube

Wish you all a happy day full of lovely woollies 🙂