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Free crochet pattern : mohair flower-brooch

(voor Nederlands, kijk hier : NL) Today, I have finished the free crochet pattern for the vintage and amour flower brooches. Do you remember my previous post about mohair yarn ? Where I shared lots of information about Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm and told you about my Mohair-Mission ? You can find that blogpost here : […]

A mohair mission and an amour-brooch

Today I have decided that we all need a mohair mission ! Myself, I am a big mohair fan : mainly because mohair is incredibly soft, very comfortable,warm, and light as a cloud. Scheepjes have just released a brand new yarn :  Mohair Rhythm yarn. It is available in 20 lovely shades, eachnamed after a […]

A colourfull new design

I am definitely in the mood for lots of happy colours ! So I decided to choose some lovely shades in the big  Scheepjes Catona-collection : fucsia, poisoned green, orange, purple and bright blue. (and yes, of course I had 2 balls of fucsia as well, but I just could not resist trying it out before even […]

WIP : the basket with bloom

I am working on my fruit basket design with the colourfull  Scheepjes Bloom yarn. I am enjoying every moment of it : bright colours, a stretchy stitch pattern, and lots of variation 🙂 Next week I will have the entire basket finished and will share the result with you ! I wish you all a […]

It’s a Sunny Day Shawl : WIP

A quick update about my new design with  Scheepjes Softfun and Softfun Denim : I am making a shawl : It’s A Sunny Day Shawl. The body is made in crème, and I decided to go for a large edging in fuchsia, turquoise, rose and dark jeansblue. The entire shawl ? I am finishing it this week and […]

The beginning of a new design : it’s a sunny day

I always love the beginning of starting a new design : choosing the yarn ! In the past, I was already tempted by the  Scheepjes Softfun several times, because the colours are so great, so I already had some skeins in my stash, but never found ‘THE’ project for it. But when the new Scheepjes Softfun […]

Spoiled with yarn / Verwend met garen

Ik ben zooooooo verwend, met prachtig garen…. ik kan haast niet wachten om ermee aan de slag te gaan : I am sooooo spoiled,with lovely yarn….I can hardly start to start crocheting with it :  Malabrigo silky merino Azules en Celeste Malabrigo silky merino Azules and Celeste Malabrigo Finito Bronce en Silkpaca Periwinkle Malabrigo Finito […]

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