Release new crochet pattern : Julietta Merino Shawl

I have finished a new crochet shawl pattern : Julietta Merino Shawl.

A lovely large shawl, very soft and warm, made with Scheepjes MerinoSoft garen, in shades Lautrec (sage) and Michelangelo (ligh grey).

This shawl is worked topdown, and increases are made both in the center and at the sides. Your shawl will get bigger row after row. The advantage of topdown shawl designs like this one, is you can easily choose to make your own desired shawl size, by simply adding more pattern row repeats.

The pattern itself is fully written, and 2 charts are added, and a sketch as well. Very clear, structured, and detailed, like all my patterns 🙂

My testing panel has done an amazing job again, and thanks to them I am capable to make high quality crochet patterns.


Last week, I already announced this new pattern release, and because there was plenty of occasion to celebrate, I organised a wonderful give-away : an entire shawl kit, to make this shawl yourself. The give-away was sponsored by  Scheepjes !
Lots of people participated, it was amazing ! (over 500 persons entered the give-away, thank you so much 🙂 )

Rafflecopter choose the winner randomly and her name is : Birgit Sievers. I already emailed her, so she will soon receive this lovely kit to make her own Julietta shawl.

I would like to thank you all for participating ! Unfortunately I cannot send you all an entire kit, but I have decided to give you all an extra present : until tomorrow night 20 h CET the Julietta Shawl pattern is available for an introduction price : this means you get 25 % reduction.

Enjoy 🙂

The pattern can be found in the websho  : here    and on  Ravelry : here

julietta merino shawl vicarno shawl pattern design annelies merinosoft julietta merino shawl vicarno shawl pattern design annelies merinosoft merino shawl giveaway vicarno annelies shawl design scheepjes MerinoSoft


Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop : little snowballs on the wall

Welcome, today is the first day of the Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop !


Fantastic days, filled with free patterns made by the Scheepjes Bloggers ! Every day another Scheepjes Blogger will surprise you with a free Christmas pattern, specially designed for this Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop. (for more free pattern inspiration by all the Scheepjes Bloggers, take a look here : inspiration )

On the first day, today, I am happy to share the pattern for a decorative hanger : a delicate snowball background, embellished with some Christmas stars.

It makes a lovely wall decoration hanger, and it will also look great on your window !

I have written down the instructions (US terms) and have added some charts as well.

What do you need ? :

  • 1 ball Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm shade Bop (670) and 1 ball Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm shade Bop (690) and shade HipHop.
  • 1 ball Scheepjes Lizzy, silver.
  • 1 crochet hook 3,5 mm and 4,5 mm (or any other hook size you like)
  • tapestry needle to weave in ends
  • scissors
  • spins and a blocking mat
  • a plantspray filled with water and a bit of Eucalan to block
  • wooden stick

Used stitches : chain (ch), magic ring, slipstitch (slst), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), triple crochet (tr), triple treble crochet (ttr), picot (p) : 2ch, 1sc in first ch + 1slst in first ch.

ScheepjesChristmasBlogHop annelies vicarno design freecrochetpattern


With crochet hook 4,5 mm and 1 thread Mohair Rhythm Bop and 1 thread Alpaca Rhythm Bop TOGETHER :

Row 1 : Ch44, start in 2nd ch : 1sc in next 2ch, * 3ch+1P+7ch+1P+3ch and miss 7ch, 1sc in next ch, repeat from *  4 more times, end with 1sc in last ch, turn.

Row 2 : 7ch in first sc, 1 ttr in next sc, 3ch+1P+3ch, 1sc in 4tr ch of 7ch-space,  * 3ch+1P+7ch+1P+3ch, 1sc in 4th ch of 7ch-space, repeat from * 3 more times, 3ch+1P+3ch, 1 ttr in last 2sc, turn.

Row 3 : 1ch+1sc in first ttr, 1sc in next ttr, * 3ch+1P+7ch+1P+3ch, 1sc in 4th ch of 7ch-space, repeat from * 3 more times, , 3ch+1P+7ch+1P+3ch, end with 1sc in last ttr and 7ch, turn.

Row 4 : repeat row 2.

Row 5 – 8 : repeat rows 3 and 4.

Row 9 : repeat row 3.

Row 10 : 7ch in first sc, 1ttr in next sc, 3ch, 1sc in 4th ch of 7ch-space,  * 7ch, 1sc in 4th ch of 7ch-space, repeat from * 3 more times, 3ch, 1ttr in last 2sc, cut yarn and cast off.

chart sneeuwbal


With Lizzy glitter yarn and crochet hook 3,5 mm : 

With Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm Hiphop and crochet hook 3,5 mm :

Round 1 : Form a magic ring and work in the ring : 1ch+10sc, close with 1slst in first sc, do not turn. -10sc

Round 2 : * 5ch, start in 3rd ch with 1sc, 1hdc in next ch, 1dc in next ch, miss 1sc and work 1slst in next sc, repeat from * 4 more times, and work the last slst where beginning 5ch is. Cut yarn and cast off. – 5 star points

Make as many stars as you want.

Finishing : weave in ends.

chart kleine ster


With Lizzy glitter yarn and crochet hook 3,5 mm : 

With Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm Hiphop and crochet hook 3,5 mm :

Round 1 : Form a magic ring and work in the ring: 1ch+8sc, close with 1slst in first sc, do not turn. – 8sc

Round 2 : 1ch, 2sc in next 7sc, 1sc in last sc, close with 1slst in first sc, do not turn. – 15sc

Round 3 : * ch6, start in 3rd ch with 1sc, 1hdc in next ch, 1dc in next ch, 1tr in next ch, miss 2sc and work 1slst in next sc, repeat from * 4 more times,and work the last slst where beginning 6ch is. Cut yarn and cast off. – 5 star points

Make as many stars as you want.

Finishing : weave in ends.


chart grote ster


  • gently and carefully block everything.
  • attach the snowball background to a wooden stick or a wooden skewer.
  • Attach the stars wherever you want them to be on the background.
  • Ready ! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar jullie projecten, gemaakt met dit patroon !  FACEBOOK  of instagram : annelies_baes

I hope you will all enjoy my free Christmas pattern. Do not forget to share your WIP’s and finished items on  my facebook page : FACEBOOK  or instagram : annelies_baes

And stay tuned ! Tomorrow Sarah, from Crafts from the CWtch  is sharing her free pattern with you. I am SO curious, don’t you ? 

Merino Shawl-kit GIVE AWAY

(Eng text in italic)

Vandaag vieren we feest  ! Ik werk namelijk aan een nieuw patroon, een mooie merino-shawl. En dat patroon is bijna klaar ! Ik release het volgende week.

Verder is 30 november een speciale dag : de dag waarop mijn man en ik elkaar het ja-woord gaven, 8 jaar geleden. Onze trouwdag, dus dat vieren we graag elk jaar.

Dit jaar vier ik het ook met jullie!

Today we are celebrating, we are having a party ! I am working on a new pattern, a lovely merino-shawl. The design itself is already finished, and I am almost ready with the pattern writing and the testing. This lovely shawl design will be released next week.

And November 30th is a special day in our family : it is our wedding day 🙂 We like to celebrate this special day every year, and this time, I am also celebrating with you ! 

Ik vertelde Scheepjes dat ik een shawl-ontwerp gemaakt had met hun heerlijke MerinoSoft garen. En toen ze hoorden dat ik een dubbel feestje te vieren had, de release van een nieuw patroon en een huwelijksverjaardag : kreeg ik een volledig pakket garen om deze shawl te maken, om weg te geven !

Een prachtig geschenk. Ik besloot om er gelijk een volledige kit van te maken.

Dus, wat kan je winnen, wat geef ik weg ? Een merino-shawl kit , bestaande uit : 8 bollen Scheepjes MerinoSoft, 6 bolletjes in kleur Lautrec (salie) en 2 in Michelangelo (lichtgrijs), een Knitpro haaknaald 5 mm en het patroon.

Met deze volledige kit maak je zelf de shawl, zoals ik hem heb gemaakt.

I told Scheepjes about my new shawl design made with their great MerinoSoft yarn. And when they found out I did not have 1, but 2 reasons to celebrate : the release of this new pattern AND my wedding anniversary, they offered a full yarn kit to make this shawl ! 

An incredible present. So, what can you win ? The shawl kit contains : 8 balls of Scheepjes MerinoSoft, 6 balls shade Lautrec and 2 balls shade Michelangelo, a Knitpro crochet hook 5 mm and the pattern of course. 

With this complete kit you can make yourself a shawl like shown on the pictures.

De shawl is heerlijk zacht en warm, dankzij het merino garen. Merinowol is gekend voor zijn zachtheid, en zijn mooie vezel met natuurlijke stretch erin. Scheepjes MerinoSoft garen is verkrijgbaar in een heel groot kleurenpalet, zodat je eindeloos kan combineren.

Deze shawl is topdown gehaakt, dwz vanuit het midden naar de zijkanten toe, zodat je zelf kan bepalen hoe groot je hem wilt hebben. Je ziet je ontwerp rij naar rij groeien en vorm krijgen, een heerlijk proces. Door het leuke stekenpatroon krijg je een natuurlijk reliëf in je shawl, dit zorgt voor een extra verfijnd accent. Het patroon is volledig uitgeschreven, met haakschema’s, en zoals altijd getest door mijn trouwe testpanel.

Vanaf volgende maandag 7 december zal het patroon ook verkrijgbaar zijn !

The shawl I made is very soft, and warm, great for those colder autumn and winter days. Merinowool is known for this softness, and the high quality of the natural wool fibre, and it has some natural stretch in it as well. Scheepjes MerinoSoft is available in a large colour palette, so  this means you can make so much lovely colour combinations !

This shawl is a topdown design, this means you start at the center, and by making increases both at the sides and in the middle, your shawl will grow and get bigger row after row. This is a wonderful experience, and the advantage is you can choose your own size shawl. You can make it as large as you want ! The refined stitch pattern has a great natural relief in it as well, adding an extra accent to this design.

The pattern is fully written, and charts are added as well, and my testing panel has done a great job by testing the design.

The pattern will be available for individual sale next week, on Monday December 7th.

merino shawl scheepjes design crochetpattern annelies haken vicarno

Hoe kan je meedoen om deze prachtige kit te winnen ?

What you should do to win this generous kit ?

Het is heel makkelijk : 1/ je doet mee via onderstaande Rafflecopter link. (zorg ervoor dat ik je kan bereiken, dus voeg je mailadres toe als dat niet in je account staat) en

                                      2/ je volgt mijn facebook ontwerperspagina :  FACEBOOK  OF instagram-account : annelies_baes  (beiden mag uiteraard ook)

Deze give-away loopt tot zondag 6 december 20 u. Op maandag 7 december maak ik de winnaar bekend.

It is actually very simple :  1/ you can enter this give-away through the Rafflecopter link. (make sure I can find your email address, if it is not in your account, add it in your comments) AND 

                                          2/ you follow either my facebook designer page : FACEBOOK or Instagram account : annelies_baes   (or both 🙂 ) 

The give-away ends on Sunday, December 6th, at 20h (CET). I will announce the winner on Monday.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Veel geluk allemaal !

Hoe je Rafflecopter gebruik, lees je hier : Rafflecopter

Good luck ! 

How to use Rafflecopter : Rafflecopter

(de kleine lettertjes : meedoen kan alleen via Rafflecopter. Give-away loopt  van maandag 30/11 tot en met zondag 6/12 te 20h. )

(the rules : you can only participate through Rafflecopter. This give-away starts on Monday, 30/11 and will finish on Sunday, 6/12 20 h CET. I ship worldwide ! ) 


New crochet pattern : Almejas Shawl

Today I am releasing a new shawl pattern : this Almejas Shawl. It is a special shawl, because the body of it is formed by little excentric clams : Almejas is the Spanish word for clams. Beautifull small, solid and strong shells, that are very tender and delicate at the same time as well.

The shawl itself is worked topdown, you start at the center and by making increases both in the center and at the sides, your shawl will grow and get bigger, row after row.

I worked the body with Malabrigo Sock yarn, shade Solis. It is a lovely strong sock yarn, it is great to work with, and the shades are fantastic.

I decided the edging needed a lot of contrast, so I used Malabrigo Silkpaca, a delicate and  tender laceweight yarn, in shade Azul Profundo. Both the difference in yarn weight and the different shades (the aqua shades for the body and the dark intense blue for the edging) make this shawl a real eyecatcher.

Een speciale shawl is het geworden : deze Almejas Shawl. De body van de shawl wordt namelijk door excentrieke schelpjes gevormd : Almejas is het Spaanse woord voor (Venus)schelpen. Dat zijn die mooie ietwat bolle, kleine, stevige krachtige schelpjes, die tegelijk ook een heel erg teder kantje hebben.


This design was published several months ago in Inside Crochet as well. So many thanks to them for these wonderfull stunning pictures.

The pattern itself is fully written, in US terms.

I have added 2 charts as well.

Ester from It’s All in A Nutshell has made some a great instruction video about the used clam stitch. (so not about the shawl pattern itself, she explains the lovely shell stitch). The video can be found here : Almejas crochet stitch. She also made a stunning shawl herself, you can read about here on her blog : Esther’s Almejas Shawl

The pattern is available through my pattern store : Almejas Shawl and on Ravelry : Almejas Shawl and on Etsy : Almejas Shawl .

Almejas Shawl Annelies Baes Inside Crochet Almejas Shawl Annelies Baes Inside Crochet Almejas Shawl Annelies Baes Inside Crochet Almejas Shawl Annelies Baes Inside Crochet


A mohair mission and an amour-brooch

Today I have decided that we all need a mohair mission !

Myself, I am a big mohair fan : mainly because mohair is incredibly soft, very comfortable,warm, and light as a cloud.

Scheepjes have just released a brand new yarn :  Mohair Rhythm yarn. It is available in 20 lovely shades, eachnamed after a dance, absolutely original !

I was truly lucky to have received some sample balls, and I just needed to start making some nice little projects, IMMEDIATELY !

But, I discovered lots of people seem to have a huge resistance to using mohair. It seems to me that they are a little afraid of this amazing yarn 🙂  And when I ask people why, I get answers like : it makes you sweat, it itches, it’s hairy, you can’t frog it when you make a mistake, it’s expensive, ….

To be honest, I personally do not share these opinions.

Therefore, I have decided to start a mohair-mission. I think it is of major importance that people learn what an amazing yarn mohair truly is, so the mohair-fear can disappear, and it will be used much more often to make nice projects and designs !

I would love to see  people appreciating, and being enthusiastic about mohair.

So I will start with giving you some info concerning the contra-arguments people have been telling me :

  • mohair is sweaty : that is possible, yes. But not all mohair yarns are sweaty. I know a lot of mohair yarns that mainly consist of synthetic materials, and just a tiny percentage of REAL mohair. The higher the percentage of synthetic materials in a yarn, the more chance it will be sweaty, because it breathes less. So now for the good part  : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm has 70 % true mohair in it. This actually means : no sweating, no itching, because the yarn is very natural and pure.
  • mohair is itchy : Again, the same news : yes, some mohair yarns are itchy : mainly when they have a high percentage of synthetic fibres in it. Scheepjes mohair is VERY pure , so there is no itching, no irritation, no other nasty annoying things. It is actually very soft, tender and fluffy.
  • mohair sheds : After you wash your handmade item for the first time, a good mohair yarn will no longer shed. (I am sharing a bit of a little secret here : of course I have tested this with the Scheepjes mohair. I crocheted a cardigan very quickly and franticly, washed it, and have been wearing it for days now, and it has NOT shed at all).
  • it is impossible to frog mohair : this is a hard one, I admit. Of course, I can only say it is best NOT to make too many mistakes 🙂  But sometimes it goes wrong. The good news is : yes, you can frog Scheepjes mohair. It is not always very simple or easy, but with a few little handy tricks and some patience, it can be done. I promise to make a video very soon , on how to frog mohair ! (yep, indeed, I am committing myself to make my very first crochet video ever 🙂 )
  • mohair is expensive : what can I say ? What is expensive for one person, is not expensive for someone else. So this is a hard question. A lovely ball of Scheepjes Mohair costs € 5,50. You will get a royal ball of 200 m of yarn. That is A LOT of yarn in 1 ball. You actually buy a ball of pure quality, pure pureness, a ball of happiness and pleasure. Those things are priceless no ? So for me, these little generous balls of fluffiness are not expensive at all !

11222363_488047804706800_6732960438096846295_n 12219426_1172812452747419_5635797479825992599_n

I will as well share some more mohair advantages with you  :

  • Scheepjes Mohair is light, actually light as a feather, or a cloud ! That is one big advantage, if you like making larger projects (like I do) : sweaters, cardigans, large shawls. No more heavy garments, but really light cardigans or sweaters.
  • It is soft and warm : it will keep you comfortable and warm, mainly because it has such a high percentage of true wool in it. Wool regulates the human body temperature. This means actually it adapts itself to the person wearing it : if you need some extra warmth, it will provide you that little extra. If you are a ‘warm person’, it will allow you to keep your own warmth and provide you comfort. Wool has such amazing advantages and powers, that even the medical world will not deny it : people suffering from muscle problems, arthritis, … often get the advise from doctors to wear woollen clothes. Because it is so good for all of us.
  • Wool does not require frequent washing : wool itself is self-cleaing, which means you do not have to wash it very often. As mohair is wool, so that makes laundry easy 🙂  Maybe you noticed yourself already, that your woolen cardigans and scarfs do not need frequent washing, like other garments. This is truly nature at its best.
  • The colours : Let’s admit it, let’s be honest. Mohair always had a kind of ‘old-fashioned’ image. It was available in those basic colours, like beige, grey, or sometimes the very dark colours. But if you like the fancy vivid and rich colours, like I do, it was almost impossible to use mohair. Now, fantastic news : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm is available in 20 rich, vivid and bright colours, and also has some pastels and neutral tones as well. Simply said : there is colour of a Mohair Rhythm for all of us.
  • the easy-start label : all Mohair Rhythm balls have this wonderful amazing label. No more fussy situations : no more frustration when crocheting (and having to almost ‘throw’ your ball in the air not to loose too much time and having to get some extra yarn to use). No, just easy-going and relaxing crocheting straight from the center of the ball.
  • The strength of mohair : although mohair has a tender and fragile appearance, it is STRONG ! And it holds its shape very well.
  • Mohair is a wonderful yarn to combine : it is so multi-functional : use it ‘single threaded’ to make delicate designs, or take 2, 3 or even more strands together for a more fluffy and warm effect. Why not combine it with other yarns, to achieve special fashionable effects ? Play with your crochet hook size as well : use a rather small hook size for a dense look, or if you prefer a more openworked effect, go up several hook sizes.

You see, mohair is absolutely worth trying it 🙂

Hopefully I already convinced you with my mission-text.

And let’s not forget I designed some lovely brooches : a small, easy and original little project, that makes a great Christmas gift, or a special treat for yourself.

With only 1 ball of Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm you can make one of these brooches. So no excuse not to try it, isn’t it ? Probably you will become a huge mohair-fan, just like me, once your brooch is ready !

I have made 2 brooches : 1 vintage inspired brooch (the one I already showed you last week), and one ‘Amour-brooch’, in shades of pink and orange. (yep, I have decided to call it ‘Amour-brooch’, since my dear husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary soon, and I will wear this brooch, together with a lovely dress, I bought especially for  this occasion).

I am writing down the FREE pattern as we speak, and I will post it next week.

And… there is more to come soon :

  • some helpful examples of mohair samples crocheted with small and larger hook sizes.
  • an informative video on how to easily frog mohair
  • some interesting examples of mohair yarns combined with other yarns
  • information on how you can use mohair to make lovely garments
  • …..

If you already want to be prepared for next week’s free pattern, I am happy to tell you what you will need :

  • 1 ball Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm (if you want to make a multi-coloured brooch, you will of course need different colours)
  • a crochet hook 5 mm (yes, the yarn label says 2,5 mm, but for this project we will be using a 5mm hook size)
  • a tapestry needle to weave in all ends
  • a pair of scissors
  • some small seed beads
  • a brooch pin
  • optional : a small round or square piece of felt

You can buy this amazing yarn at Deramores, they ship worldwide with excellent service. You can take a look at all the available shades here : Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm

crochet haken broche brooch design crochet pattern annelies baees vicarno

Vintage brooch with Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm

I made a vintage brooch, with the new Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm yarn. This is a brand new yarn, released a few days ago, and I love it !

This yarn is availabe in 20 (!!!) rich and vivid colours, it is soooo soft and light, so it surely guarantees very luxurous and featherlight projects.

It has 70 % mohair in it, so you will be surprised by the incredible softness of it as well.

This brooch makes me feel like a real lady, I like the classy colour (shade Robotic), and the fluffy petals.

I am working on the pattern, to make sure it will soon be available : for free !

I wish you all a lovely saturday full of luxury !

(this yarn will be available in shops : November 20th)

11222363_488047804706800_6732960438096846295_n 12219426_1172812452747419_5635797479825992599_n

WIP : mixing colours and yarn textures

I am working on a new design, a lovely project with lots of colours. And that is not the only challenge, I am actually also mixing different yarn textures, and if is filling me with lots of joy 🙂

The refreshing combination of Scheepjes Invicta Colour (yes, that wonderfull strong and soft sock yarn, with a long colour changing effect) and Scheepjes Catona, the pure cotton yarn, makes it almost impossible for me, to put this project aside.

Yep, indeed, I am working with 2 strands together, and the colour variations are just really great !

And did you see the lovely stitch pattern I am using as well ?

I am making a baby blanket, which makes softness, warmth, and easy maintenance keywords !

Are you curious about my progress ? Stay tuned ! I will soon post a new update.

Patter : surprise baby blanket

Yarn : a combination of Scheepjes Invicta Colour and Scheepjes Catona  (I am using 1 strand of Invicta Colour and 1 strand of Catona together)

babydeken vicarno annelies baes haakpatroon crochet pattern


A colourfull new design

I am definitely in the mood for lots of happy colours ! So I decided to choose some lovely shades in the big  Scheepjes Catona-collection : fucsia, poisoned green, orange, purple and bright blue. (and yes, of course I had 2 balls of fucsia as well, but I just could not resist trying it out before even taking the picture 🙂 )

I am using the 50gr balls. (the entire Scheepjes Catona collection is also available in little cute 25gr balls).

And because I am a big fan of warmth, and soft wool, I am also adding some  Scheepjes Invicta Colour balls : shade 968.

And now the big question : what will I be making ? Who knows ?


Fruit Shawls… Pops of colour in autumn

I am sharing some lovely pictures of shawls, made by the Fruit Shawl crochet pattern.

To brighten up these autumn days with fresh pops of colour !

The first shawl is made by Natatascha, she used Wolcafé Limited yarn. You can find her project page on  Ravelry here : Fruit Shawl

The second shawl is made by Ans, she used Unicat yarn, shade Fruchtig. Her project page on Ravelry can be found here : Fruitige shawl

fruit shawl crochet pattern natascha Fruit shawl Ans crochet pattern

The pattern : Fruit Shawl : available Ravelry and in  webshop

Yarn : Unicat. I buy my balls of Unicat at Atelier Jaffari in Arnemuiden

I wish you all a happy and colourfull Sunday !

(have you also made a lovely project with one of my crochet patterns ? Feel free to email me a lovely picture at, so I can write a blogpost about your creation too)

Fruit_03_medium2fruity omslagdoek fruity omslagdoek


Free crochet pattern : hummingbird

This little hummingbird has been designer specially for the numerous CAL 2015 Flight of Fancy Meet&Greet visits.

Now the CAL is officially finished, I am happy to share the pattern with you. Today I have written the pattern for the hummingbird, and made the crochet chart as well. Ik ontwierp dit kolibri vogeltje (en een pauwtje) speciaal voor de talrijke inspirerende Meet&Greet bezoeken aan de winkels die me boekten tijdens de Scheepjes CAL 2015 Flight of Fancy.

More information about our wonderfull Flight of Fancy CAL can be found here  :  ENG facebook group,   Scheepjes website and Ravelry.


Yarn : Scheepjes Catona

Crochet hook : 3mm – crochet tightly !

Used stitches : chain (ch), slipstitch (slst), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc). I use US crochet terms.

The hummingbird is worked in rounds, always on the right side. Rounds are not closed, and do not turn.

A crochet chart can be found below.

– Round 1 : RS : Ch15, start in 2nd ch : 1sc in 13ch, 5sc in last ch. Now work along other side of base chain : 1sc in 13ch. (31sc)
– Round 2 : 1ch, 3 x (1sc in next sc), 2 x 1hdc in next sc), 3 x (1dc in next sc), 1hdc in next sc, 1sc in next sc, 1slst in next sc, miss 1sc, 1sc in next sc, 3dc in next sc, 3dc in next sc, 2dc in next sc, 3dc in next sc, 2dc in next sc, 2dc in next sc, 2 x (1hdc in next sc), 10 x (1sc in next sc).
– Round 3 : 2sc in next ch, 1sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc, 1sc in next sc, 2 x (1hdc in next hdc), 1dc in next dc, 2 x (2dc in next dc), 2 x 1sc in next stitch, 1slst in next sc. You are now at the slst of previous round, work : 1slst in this stitch and in next 3 stitches. Continue with the beak : ch5, start in 2nd ch, 1slst in next 4ch. End with 1slst in same stitch as beginning of ch. Now work around the rest of the head and the neck : 1slst in next 14 stitches. Next : 1sc in next sc, 4 x (1hdc in next sc), 2 x (1sc in next sc), 5 x (1slst in next sc). Cut yarn and cast off.

– Tail : cast on with 1slst at bottom part of bird, where round 3 is ended : ch9, and attach with 1slst in same stitch. Next ch10, attach with slst in next stitch, ch11, attach with slst in same stitch, ch12 and attach with slst in next stitch, cut yarn and cast off.

– Wings :
– wing 1 : Ch8, attach with 1slst on the back, 2 stitches below the end of the head part. Next work along base chain : 4 x (1sc in next ch), 3x (1hdc in next ch), 5hst in last ch. Work along other side of base chain : 3 x (1hdc in next ch), 4 x (1sc in next ch), cast off with 1slst in same stitch as beginning stitch.
– wing 2 : ch6, attach with 1slst just below previous wing, work along base chain : 3 x (1sc in next ch), 2 x (1hdc in next ch, while working the last pull through of the last hdc, insert as well in 1 loop of corresponding stitch on first wing, attaching both wings together), 5hdc in last ch. Work along other side of base chain : 2 x (1hdc in next ch), 3 x (1sc in next ch), cast off with 1slst in same stitch as beginning stitch.
– wing 3 : ch5, attach with 1slst just below previous wing, work along base chain : 3 x (1sc in next ch), 1hdc in next ch, when last pull through is made, insert as well in 1 loop of corresponding stitch on previous wing, attaching them together. Work along other side of base chain : 1hdc in next ch, 3 x (1sc in next ch), cast off with 1slst in same stitch as beginning stitch.
– wing 4 : ch4, attach with 1slst just below previous wing, work along base chain : 3 x 1sc in next ch, attach to previous wing, 5hdc in last ch. Work along other side of base chain : 3 x 1sc in next ch, cast off with 1slst in same stitch as beginning stitch.

– Finishing :
– weave in all ends
– embroider a nice little eye, or use a bead.
– attach a brooch pin on the back of your bird.
– pin it on to your favourite sweater, cardigan, jacket or bag ! And enjoy !

chart kolibri


Pattern Copyright : @Annelies Baes – @Vicarno
This pattern is for personal use only. Do not copy, reproduce or sell this pattern. (either digitally or in print). Do not post this pattern online (either the entire document, or a part of it).
You may sell items made by using this pattern, when crediting Annelies Baes – Vicarno as the designer.
Yarn shops and yarn sellers : do not sell this pattern or distribute it without my permission.

Pearls and the Mermaid Shawl by Marietje

Just blown away by the beauty of a shawl !

Words are just really unnecessary, the pictures just tell us everything !

Marietje has made a wonderfull shawl, using my Pearls and the Mermaid Shawl pattern.

My weekend just had the best start ever 🙂

Pattern : Pearls and the Mermaid Shawl : Ravelry and webshop

By : Marietje

Have you also made something nice, by using one of my crochet patterns ? Wanna see your own creation on my blog ? Do not hesitate to email me at :

marietje dragstra-fehrmann pearls and the mermaid shawl annelies baes vicarno

A new design : Show-me-the-way cowl

Do you like cowls ? I do, without any doubt. Even more, I am a huge fan of cowls : I wear them all the time when I am outside : riding on my bike, taking a walk, … They are snuggly and warm, and really comfortable.

And because I like vivid colours and a few catchy accents too, I decided to make this ‘Show-me-the-way’ cowl design.

A cowl with a message 🙂

Autumn is a special time for a lot of people : it is a time filled with introspection, looking and searching, listening to what you heart tells you. Who are you ? What do you like ? What needs to be changed to improve the quality of your life ? Is the path you are following still the right one ? What choices do you need to make ?

And very often, if you can find the courage to listen very carefully, or to look around you with an openminded ‘look’, you can SEE which way you need to go. Your path will be visible.

Actually, this cowl design, is about finding your direction, or maybe you just have to refind it (because it is very obvious, but you just need a bit of a little reminder 🙂 ) , and some of you will just follow the path they are already going.

I added some crocheted cords at both sides and in the center part of the cowl, these cords ‘show you the way’. (they are optional, so you can also make the cowl without them).

I used a supersoft merino yarn : Scheepjes MerinoSoft. I like the softness and the luxurious feeling of merino wool a lot !

6 balls of the main colour, and 3 balls of the second shade. I choose light grey (Michelangelo-grey) and magenta (Carney).

I worked with 2 strands together and hook size 8mm, so extra warmth and a fast satisfying project guaranteed…

And like for all my crochet patterns : the pattern comes fully written, with a chart added as well. My testing panel has done a great job as well, by testing the instructions before publication.

Pattern : show-me-the-way cowl : Ravelry and webshop

Yarn : Scheepjes MerinoSoft  (50 % merinowol, 25 % acryl en 25 % micro)

Crochet hook : 8 mm

show-me-the-way cowl crochet pattern annelies baes vicarno show-me-the-way cowl crochet pattern annelies baes vicarno

A new bag design is coming up : yarn-happiness

I am enjoying my new pile of yarn, lovely Lopi yarn, the super-bulky Lopi, in a wonderfull shade of brown.

And since I know pretty well what I will be making 🙂  I already decided to pick out the necessary accessories as well !

Now I just need a bit of time to ‘create the full design’ in my imagination and in my head, before it will come out as I want it to be.

Curious about what and how ? Stay tuned !

Enjoy your day.