It’s a Sunny Day Shawl

This will definitely be my enjoy-summer-shawl : I will wear it on beach walks, during my many bike rides, garden parties with friends, …

I just love the softness and lightness of the yarn : I crocheted this shawl with Scheepjes Softfun and Softfun Denim : for the  body I used creme, and I choose some wonderfull colours for the large edging : fuchsia, turquoise, rose and dark jeansblue.

I am writing down the free crochet pattern (with diagrams) by next week ! So stay tuned !

it's a sunny day shawl it's a sunny day shawl it's a sunny day shawl it's a sunny day shawl

Meet & Greet : Scheepjes Spring-to-Summer CAL 2015

Hi everybody,

As most of you already know , the start date for the Scheepjes Spring-to-Summer CAL : Flight of Fancy is June 10th. We will all be making that beautiful wrap together.

The preparations for the big event are almost finished : so we are totally ready for it!

The facebook groups have lots of members, people are joining us every day more and more, and that is wonderfull news.

And it is a very exciting time.

So I am happy to announce another exciting event : all Scheepjes Shops have the occasion to book a ‘Meet & Greet’ with me, Annelies, the designer of this Flight of Fancy CAL.

This means I will come to your shops to meet you and your customers, have a wonderfull time, and experience the CAL enthusiasm in real life.

We also have designed a special concept for these Meet & Greets : ‘the mini make & take workshop’. During this 2 hour workshop we will be making a lovely bird-theme inspired pin, to use it on your juten Scheepjes project bag, or to embellish your special blouse or summer top. The pin design is a new design I will be making exlusively for these workshops. (when the CAL will be finished, the design will also be shared on the blog and in the facebook groups). The workshop will be free for all the participants, and I will also have all the necessary materials with me. The yarn will be provided by Scheepjes. (it would be great if the shops provide some extra crochet hooks to use during this workshop).

I am really looking forward seeing and meeting you all !

Do you want to ‘book me for a visit’ ? Just email me at :, and we will pick a date and take care of all the arrangements. (price for a visit, time, ….)

I am available from June 10th.

See you !



3 x doily fun : the pattern

Free crochet pattern to restyle your basic t-shirt or dress and turn it into a real eye-catcher !

Catwalk-trend for this summer : crochet embellishments : you can now make them yourself ! With only half a skein of  Scheepjes Cotton 8, a wonderfull pure cotton summer yarn, available in so much beautiful shades and some crochet time you can enjoy this fahionable trend.

what do you need :
– t-shirt or t-shirt dress
– 0,5 skein  Scheepjes Cotton 8 white  (1 skein = 50gr = 170m) (100 % cotton)
– crochet hook 3 mm
– white sewing thread
– sewing machine or needle (if you prefer sewing by hand)
– scissors, tapestry needle to weave in ends
– pins and mat for blocking

Pattern :
You make 3 different doilies. First you finish the first doily. When making the second doily (which is a copy of the first one), you will join it in the last round to the first doily : you use the join-as-you-go-method. The last and third doily is also joined in the last round, you join it to the first and the second one.

Doily 1 :

Info :
– you always work on the right side, so DO NOT TURN.
– every round is closed with 1slst.
– cut yarn at the end of each round.

– Round 1 : make a magic ring and work in the ring : 1ch, 10sc, close round with 1slst in first sc. (10sc)
– Round 2 : in first sc : 3ch+1dc, in every next sc : 2dc, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch. (20dc)
– Round 3 : in 3ch : 4ch (=1dc+1ch), work in every next dc : 1dc+1ch, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch. (20dc+1ch)
– Round 4 : 1slst in first 1ch-space, work here as well : 3ch, in next 1ch-space : 1dc+3ch, (work in same 1ch-space + in next 1ch-space : 2dctog+ 3ch), repeat () another 18 x, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch. (20 groups of 2dctog+3ch)
– Round 5 : 1slst in first 3ch-space, work here as well : make loop on hook a bit larger, next 5dctog+5ch, work in every next 3ch-space : 5dctog+5ch, close round with 1slst in first 5dc-group. (20 groups of 5dctog+5ch)
– Round 6 : 1slst in first ch-space, work here as well : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, in every next 5ch-space : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, close round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off.

3 x doily

Doily 2 :
Work as for doily 1, until the final round 6 : work 1slst in first ch-space, and work here as well : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, work in next 16 5ch-spaces : 1sc+1hdc+5dc+1hdc+1sc, next join your doily to the first doily :
– work in next ch-space : 1sc+1hdc+1dc, next work 3 x 1dc tog with the 3 center dc in 1 ‘shell’  in the last round of the first doily. (start making 1dc, do not make last pull through, but insert in dc of doily 1, yarn over hook, and pull throug dc of doily 1 and half made dc), followed by 1dc+1hdc+1sc in same space. Work last 2 ‘shells’ the same way. Close the round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off.

Doily 3 :
Work as for doily 1, but in the last round : join third doily to the first doily ‘in three shells’ and also to the second doily ‘in three shells’. (look at the chart : the joined parts are indicated in red).

Finishing :
– block your 3 x doily and allow to dry.
– Pin it very carefully to the back of a t-shirt or dress. Sew along the outer side. Pay attention : only sew the ‘outer circle’, and not the center neck part, because you want to cut the fabric away afterwards.
– Cut away the fabric. (I do it very carefully, and leave about 0,5cm / 0,2in fabric next to the stitches)
– crochet 2 cords to finish the upper neck part : Ch40 and work 1  row of slst. Make 2 identical cords, and attach them on the upper part of the 2 upper doilies. Tie them together.

3 x doily together


Enjoy summer !







3 x doily fun 3 x doily fun

Upcycle your t-shirt with a Scheepjes Bloom doily : the pattern

I am so happy to share the pattern for the t-shirt doily with you today. (I know, it is a bit later than expected, I am sorry 🙂 )

Beautify your plain simple t-shirt with a lovely coloured doily and enjoy your summer !

What do you need + info :

– 1 t-shirt
– Yarn : Scheepjes Bloom : small amounts of 8 different colours. These are the colours I used: rose 409, delphinium 417, light fern 412, fuchsia 407, grey thistle 421, gerbera 413, lilac 404, tulip 406.
– Crochet hook : 5mm
– Crochet stitches : magic ring, chain (ch), slipstitch (slst), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), picot (p), work 2 double crochet together (dc2tog), work 5 double crochet together (dc5tog). I use US crochet terms.
– picot : after sc just made, chain 3 and work 1sc in first out of 3 ch.
– Gauge : not crucial. Measurements of the doily :  24-25 cm/10in diameter
– Scissors, tapestry needle to weave in ends, pins and mat for blocking, sewing thread and sewing needle or sewing machine.

Pattern :

First you crochet the entire doily :

Info :               – you always work on the right side, so DO NOT TURN.
– every round is closed with 1slst.
– cut yarn at the end of each round.

– Round 1 : With rose, make a magic ring and work in the ring : 1ch, 10sc, close round with 1slst in first sc. Cut yarn and cast off. (10sc)
– Round 2 : Cast on delphinium with 1slst in first sc, work in same sc : 3ch+1dc, in every next sc : 2dc, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch, cut yarn and cast off. (20dc)
– Round 3 : Cast on light fern with 1slst in 3rd ch, work here as well : 4ch (=1dc+1ch), work in every next dc : 1dc+1ch, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch, cut yarn and cast off. (20dc+1ch)
– Round 4 : Cast on fuchsia with 1slst in first 1ch-space, work here as well : 3ch, in next 1ch-space : 1dc+3ch, (work in same 1ch-space + in next 1ch-space : 2dctog+ 3ch), repeat () another 18 x, close round with 1slst in 3rd ch, cut yarn and cast off. (20 groups of 2dctog+3ch)
– Round 5 : Cast on grey thistle with 1slst in first 3ch-space, work here as well : make loop on hook a bit larger, next 5dctog+5ch, work in every next 3ch-space : 5dctog+5ch, close round with 1slst in first 5dc-group, cut yarn and cast off. (20 groups of 5dctog+5ch)
– Round 6 : Cast on gerbera with 1slst in first 5ch-space, work here as well : 1ch, 1sc+1p+1sc+5ch, work in every next 5ch-space : 1sc+1p+1sc+5ch, close round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off. (20 groups of 1sc+1p+1sc+5ch)
– Round 7 : Cast on lilac with 1slst in first 5ch-space, work here as well : 1ch, 1sc+7ch, work in every next 5ch-space : 1sc+7ch, close round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off. (20 x (1sc+7ch))
– Round 8 : Cast on tulip with 1slst in first 7ch-space, work here as well : 1ch, 1sc+1hdc+7dc+1hdc+1sc, work in every next 7ch-space : 1sc+1hdc+7dc+1hdc+1sc, close round with 1slst in first sc, cut yarn and cast off. (20 groups of 1sc+1hdc+7dc+1hdc+1sc)

chart t-shirt doily


– weave in all ends.

– block doily and allow to dry.

– pin doily on the back of a t-shirt.

t-shirt doilyt-shirt doily

– Sew the outer edge of the doily. (I prefer to stretch my t-shirt a bit while sewing, so the result will be very stretchy and comfortable).

– Turn your t-shirt inside-out : wrong side facing now. Cut an opening in the back of your t-shirt (where the doily is, be careful not to cut in your doily). Next you carefully cut out all the fabric behind the doily. I prefer to do it in 2 steps : first I cut leaving a 2cm/0,8in distance between my cutting and the sewing line. And afterwards I cut closer to the sewing line, very carefully with small scissors.

– Ready !

DSC_0204 DSC_0213

And …. I had so much fun making this doily, I decided to make a new version : in white, with 3 joined doilies… Here you can already see a picture of the work-in-progress. (the exciting part still needs to be done : the cutting part ! )

So I will write a second tutorial by next week 🙂

Wish you all a wonderfull weekend!

t-shirt doily

Scheepjes CAL Spring-Summer 2015 : Flight of Fancy

Yes, the news is out, the moment is there that we have all been waiting for  : there will be a new Scheepjes CAL soon !

I am so happy and excited to tell you I have been giving the opportunity to design this new Spring-Summer 2015 CAL for you.

Can you imagine how I felt when I received a phone call from Scheepjes and they asked me if I was interested in making a CAL design for them? Luckily they did not see my reaction, but there was no doubt my voice betrayed my excitement 🙂 (a little secret I want to share with you : after hanging up the phone, I stood still for about 1 minute, while going over the conversation word for word, and next I put on some very loud totally wrong music, and jumped around until I was completely out of breath).

I received the yarn very quickly, and decided to stick to my ‘usual designing method’ : placing the yarn very visible, close to me, so I could see and touch it every minute of the day. It is actually my preferred designing technique : letting my subconsciousness ‘work’ with the yarn. And after a few days (sometimes it takes longer of course) I start ‘to see’ the design I want to make.

The yarn is fabulous, by the way. It is called Linen Soft, and believe me, it is a wonderfull linen-cotton-acrylic blend. Nobody has seen this yarn yet, it is brand new, totally fresh, and especially made for this CAL.

Soft and strong, it works up really great. It has lots of yardage so it’s not heavy, and the colours are so rich and beautiful. And let’s not forget : it is luxurious, it makes you feel like a queen, when you touch it, when you see it, and when you crochet with it.

The CAL design itself ? Let’s keep it a secret for a while…. A few sneak peaks are allowed of course, to make you all curious  : it is stylish, glamourous, and has a wonderfull combination of colours,

And it is a shawl, a generous large and luxurious lacy wrap.

The CAL itself will start June 10th, and will go on for 11 weeks. Every week we will reveal a new part of the pattern, every wednesday at 9AM.

The patterns will be available in English (UK & US terms), Dutch, German and French. And they will be very detailed, with lots of extra info : pictures, crochet diagrams, tips & tricks, …. They will be uploaded as pdf files in the facebook groups.

Special kits have been made for this CAL : there will be 3 different kits available. Pre-orders will start soon in lots of shops, online and brick stores.

Needless to say I am truly enthusiastic about this CAL and I hope you are as excited as I am. Scheepjeswol and myself have been working very hard (and of course with lots of pleasure) to make a refreshing, new, relaxed and luxurious, absolutely stylish and glamourous CAL. Something that will be a real gift for yourself or someone special.

I would like to invite you all to join the Facebook groups, especially made for this CAL : the International CAL 2015 group and the Dutch 2015 group.

And : let us all ‘Spread Our Wings and Fly – Fly the Flight of Fancy’ : I hope you will join me in this great and stylish adventure !


Re-design a t-shirt with Scheepjes Bloom

I am a huge fan of t-shirts : they are soft and stretchy, they do not crumple, you have them in all shapes and sizes, and in lots of colours too.

The only thing : if you have lots of uni-coloured shirts, you get bored. You need something refreshing, an eyecatcher, to spice up your t-shirt collection.

So what do you all think about embellishing a t-shirt with a colourfull doily?

I am totally in the mood for it.

I choose  Scheepjes Bloom yarn, because it has great natural stretch in it, and this makes it so much easier to combine it with a stretchy shirt. And it works up pretty great.

The Bloom yarn is available in a 24 wonderfull shades, so everybody will find some of his favourite colours in no time. Only looking at these vivid skeins makes me instantly happy.


So I pulled a blue shirt out of my closet, and choose some happy skeins of Bloom yarn. Some skeins are brand new, some are leftovers, from my summer top I made recently.

I designed a colourfull doily and decided to crochet every round in a new colour.


Are you curious how my beautify experiment turned out? And about the pattern too ? I have some wonderfull news for you : I am writing down the free pattern, together with the crochet chart. (- actually, I am writing the text and our teenager son is charting it for me 🙂 )

So, come back next week, to see the result of my upcycling experiment. The free pattern and chart and instructions will be ready.

Wish you all a wonderfull and sunny weekend!

Pearls and the Mermaid Shawl : I won and a coupon code

Crochet shawl pattern: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's

Thank you all so much for voting for me this week. My design has won Design Wars this week.

This means I am happy to offer you a royal discount until this weekend, if you buy the pattern in the webshop and on Ravelry.  (if your order in the webshop, sale price is automatically the correct price, but if you buy the pattern on Ravely, remember to use the coupon code DWSALE)

I wish you all a happy and creative weekend !

Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno'sCrochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's

Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid, for Design Wars

Haakpatroon sjaal: Pearls and the Mermaid | Vicarno's

I am really excited to share my Design Wars design with you! I made a new crochet pattern for  a shawl : Pearls and the Mermaid shawl. A large, comfortable and happy shawl.

Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's

Crochet pattern shawl: an unusual way of designing

Do you all know I have quite an usual way of designing? I am happy to share  one of my design secrets with you …. I understand most designers start with a design in their head, and their next step is to start sketching and search for yarn. Usually, I follow a totally different method 🙂  I start with the yarn.

When I opened my box with RedHeart Boutique Unforgettable yarn, my 7-year old son Vic was with me. So he took a skein out of the box, looked at it, touched it, looked at me and said : ‘Mmmmm…. I see mother-of-pearls now, and mermaids too…’. And I agreed.

So we took all the skeins, and I followed my next step in the designing process : I put the skeins ‘in sight’ in the center of our living room 🙂  (and spent the next days efficiently avoiding the desperate looks of my husband, who was obviously upset by another ‘in sight’ spot in our house occupied by yarn….). And all of a sudden it was there: my design, in my head. I just ‘saw it’. And I started my usual very frantic crocheting. (you see, that is the next step in my process, crocheting and crocheting, and not being able to stop before the design is finished.)

The shawl itself? It is tender and soft, thanks to the wonderfull colours and the incredible softness of the yarn. The great shine represents the mother-of-pearls. And the center lace-panel represents action, movement and female power. These qualities that alle mermaids have of course.

The edging is formed by several repetitions of the lace-panel, to give an extra accent of wideness, the endlessness of the wide sea. A lovely shawl, great for a walk on the beach… It will make you feel like a real mermaid-princess. Or wear it at home, to keep you warm and snuggly.

The Design Wars Competition is from today until Wednesday : so I invite you all to vote for me!

You can vote here : Design Wars voting. Many thanks!!!!


Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's Crochet pattern shawl: pearls and the mermaid | Vicarno's

Design Wars : I participate !

I’ve got some very exciting news : from Monday on, I am participating in the Design Wars, a very exciting crochet contest. For me, it is the first time !

The design I have created is a secret until the beginning of next week 🙂 but I can tell you what yarn I have used.

RedHeart Boutique Unforgettable. Wonderfull yarn, with colours that change so slightly, and it is available in lots of different shades. I decide to go for the shade Candied.

A generous skein of 100 gram and lots of yardage : 225m/279yd. Super if you want to make large projects, like garments, shawls or blankets. It is not heavy at all, and supersoft. It works up great, it has a wonderfull ‘monther-of-pearlish’ shine, and it is very to wash. I wanted to use if for a long time, and I was really happy I could start working with this yarn.

I think my  Vermillion cardigan and my Blue Notes Col are great designs that would look wonderfull with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.

Vermiljoen cardigan Vermiljoen cardiganDSC_0351 DSC_0318

Are you all very curious now about my design ? Just a few day more days until the release date 🙂

You can also go to The Design Wars blog  to stay tuned!


Bloom top : the pattern

As promised last week : I have written down the free pattern for the summer top.

I made this happy colourfull top with Bloom, the new Scheepjeswol yarn.
As soon as I laid my eyes on this new yarn, I just wanted to have it. The 24 vivid and beatiful colours made me happy instantly. And when I touched the yarn, I even became more enthousiastic and impatient to make something with it. It had to be top, a colourfull summer top. No doubt about it.

I choose 6 colours from the collection :  French Lavender, Fuchsia, Delphinium, Old Lily, Viola en Geranium. (colours are from bottom to top in my top).


This yarn is made of pure cotton. And it is not heavy at all, so an absolute summer yarn suitable for garment designing as well.

I love the natural stretch and the structure of the Bloom : super for those items that require a bit of stretch in them. The yarn bounces back, so the top really has a great shape and wonderfull drape too.

So please keep in mind, if you are planning to make this summer top with subsitute yarn, the result will probably be totally different ! It is the Bloom yarn that makes this design work and gives it this total retro disco-look.

Crochet hook : 5 mm. (gauge is not critical for this design)


The pattern is written in different sizes : from XS up to XL.

How to determine your correct size ? Super easy to do : just make a chain that fits around your chest. And check what size corresponds to the number of chains you need. (and of course go for the nearest closest size with corresponding chains)

Is your correct size not written down ? Read the pattern once (or maybe a second time) and you will see it is actually quite an easy pattern, so you will be able to make your own size with my written guidelines. (just make sure your number of chains divided by 2 = an even number)

I made size Medium for myself, and decided to go for 8 rounds in each colour, and I needed 6 colours in total. (I used almost entire skeins). Of course it is also possible to make larger or smaller stripes, or to make your top longer or shorter, …. (but you will need more or less yarn if you do so, of course).

For those with sizes XS and S : with 1 skein you can make about 10 rounds. And you probably want to make the top a bit more cropped : so 4 or 5 skeins will be enough. (example : make 40 rounds in total : 10 rounds with each colour).

Size Large : 8 rounds per skein should work here. (if you want to make a longer top : just add 1 skein and 8 rounds extra before starting the armopenigs) : this makes 7 skeins in total. (and 58 rounds).

For size XLarge : make 6 or 7 rounds in each colour. (you will not have enough yarn to make 8 rounds in 1 colour). Total number of rounds to make : 60 – so 6 rounds in each colour will make 10 skeins. (this means you change colour every 6 rounds).

The pattern is written working 8 rounds with 1 colour, but it is easy adjustable. Size XS is written first, other sizes () and size M is indicated in bold. I use UK crochet terms.

– Round 1 : With French Lavender, chain 108 (120, 132, 156, 180), close round with 1slst in first ch, do not turn. Work 4ch (=1tr+1ch) in first ch, miss next ch,  * 1tr+1ch in next ch, miss next ch, repeat from * until end of round, close with 1slst in 3rd ch, turn.(54 – 60 – 66 – 78 – 90 tr with chains)
– Round 2-8 : 4ch, 1tr+1ch in every tr, close with slst in 3rd ch, turn. At the end of round 8, cut yarn and cast off.
– Round 9 – 16 : Cast on Fuchsia and work 8 rounds. At the end of round 16, cut yarn and cast off.
– Round 17 – 24 : Cast on Delphinium and also work 8 rounds. At the end of round 24, cut yarn and cast off. (sizes XS and S : if your top is long enough already, go to arm openings).
– Round 25 – 32 : Cast on Old Lily and also work 8 rounds. At the end of round 32, cut yarn and cast off. (sizes L and XL : if you want to make a longer top : just add another colour and work 8 rounds).
Begin armopenings, front, Row 33 : Count back from cast-on point : t 3 (3, 3, 4, 5) tr to 1 side and cast on Viola with 1slst in 4th tr, next work 4ch (=1tr+1ch) and another 20tr+1ch  (23tr+1ch, 25tr+1ch, 29tr+1ch, 34tr+1ch) in the next tr, and end with 1tr in 22rd tr  (25, 27, 31, 36), turn. (you have worked 23tr – 26tr – 28tr – 32tr – 37tr with ch in between) (leave the rest of the round unworked)
– Row 34 – 40 : Continue in pattern : 1tr+1ch in each of the  22tr (25, 27, 31, 36)st and end with 1tr in  23rd tr (26, 28, 32, 37), turn. At the end of round 40, cut yarn and cast off.
– Row 41 : Cast on geranium and work 1 more row of 23tr (26, 28, 32, 37) + ch, turn.
Shoulder strap 1 : Row 42 : 4ch (=1tr+1ch), 3 (3, 4, 5, 6) x (1tr+1ch) and end with 1tr in next  tr, turn.
– Row 43 – 50 : Work like row 42. At the end of row 50, cut yarn leaving a 25cm/10in tail and cast off. (this tail will be used afterwards to close the shoulder seam). (Sizes XS and S probably want to prefer making shorter shoulder straps, sizes L and XL probably longer ones).
Shoulder strap 2 : Row 42 – 50 : Count back from the other end of the front :  4tr (4, 5, 6, 7), cast on with 1slst, and work like shoulder strap 1.
Back : Go to the unworked part of round 32. Count back from either the beginning or the end of your front part : 4tr (4, 5, 7, 9) to the side (this means you leave 4tr – 4tr – 5tr – 7tr – 9tr and chains unworked), cast on with 1slst, and work like front part over  23tr (26, 28, 32, 37)tr.
– Row 33 – 41 : work like front part. At the end of round 41, continue ! so do not cut yarn.
– Row 42 – 43 : work 2 more rows over  23tr (26, 28, 32, 37)tr, turn.
– Row 44 – 50 : Work both shoulder straps like you did for the front part.

Finishing :
– close shoulder seams. (by slipstitching together).
– weave in all ends.
– finishing neckline : I added 1 extra round of slipstitches around the neckline and shoulders traps for a nice finished look. Use a larger crochet hook if you are a tight crocheter. (so the neckline will remain stretchy).
– block your top : soak in Eucalan, put it in a towel to get most water out, pin it in shape with pins on a mat.
– allow to dry.
– Ready !!!!!!

And next ? Enjoy your happy summer top and wear it all summer long !

DSC_0210 DSC_0208 DSC_0207

Vicarno ‘s birthday : the newsletter

🙂  🙂  It is almost my birthday !

I think we should all celebrate it ! So I came up with a lovely idea : all newsletter subscribers will receive VICARNO’S FIRST NEWSLETTER ever with a COUPON CODE in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you want to receive it, and find out more about Vicarno and enjoy a coupon-code this weekend, just sign up here : fill out your email address and click subscribe

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Grace Cardigan published

De Nederlandse versie vind je : hier.

I wanted to make a nice cardigan, in 2 colours, long and warm, and with a large collar.

A vest to ‘live in’, warm, soft, cuddly and easy to wear, thanks to its comfort and fit.

When I started searching for yarn (which is always one of my favourite aspects in designing a new piece), I found the right yarn colours in the Scheepjeswol Stonewashed XL collection. That yarn is very popular, and I just wanted to try it out as well.

It works up great, has wonderfull stitch definition, the colours are fabulous, and the price is very good, which is an important aspect, if you decide to make such a large cardigan. And what’s even more super : you can toss it very easily in the washing machine. (absolutely necessary here at home, as a mother of 2 boys…)

So, after working with this yarn, I can admit I am a fan now.

grace cardigan

My design is published in Inside Crochet, Issue 61, January 2015. Of course I am really happy with this pubication.

And to be honest….. I can hardly wait, until my cardi ‘comes home again’ from the UK, so I can start wearing it.

Pattern : Grace Cardigan in 3 sizes.
Yarn : Scheepjeswol Stonewashed, shades moonstone and black onyx.
Picturs : Inside Crochet

Scheepjeswol Yarn Kit for Kika

I am happy to write a blogpost about a very wonderfull project : the Scheepjeswol Yarn Kit for Kika.

What is in this special kit?

– 3 skeins Scheepjeswol Invicta extra
– 2 skeins Scheepjeswol Invicta colour
– a knitting pattern and a crochet pattern for a shawl : so you can choose whether you want to knit or crochet!
– a pomponmaker


This kit is available in 15 (yes, indeed, 15!!!!!!!!) colour combinations.
So I am sure everybody will be able to find the right colours.

For every kit that is sold € 2 will be donated to the Kika foundation. This way we can help fight children cancer.
This means you actually support a very important initiative.

I received my kit : Crazy Storm.
I like it a lot : the great colours, and the name is well choosen : I am also a bit stormy 🙂


Which kit(s) do you prefer?
All kits ara available (also online) at shops that sell Scheepjeswol Yarns.

download (1)