Designing is my passion, I want my patterns to be clear, well explained, fully detailed, and impeccable. It makes me happy when you can create a beautiful crocheted piece, by using my crochet patterns.

All patterns are divided into categories.
There all also ‘search engines’ you can use : different skill levels, different yarn weights, and keywords.

My patterns are sold as pdf-files. Just add the pattern(s) to your cart and finish your order. If you pay online (Paypal, Ideal, …) you will receive an order confirmation and an email with a link, so you can download the pattern(s) immediately.

If you choose to pay by using ‘bank transfer’ you receive an order confirmation. Pay attention : it takes several days before I receive your payment. After payment is received you wil also receive an email with a link to download your pattern(s). These orders are processed one a week by me manually, and emails are sent on FRIDAY each week.

All my crochet patterns are tested by my test panel : very capable crochet-addicts. They are very precious to me, because they guarantee the high quality of the Vicarno patterns.

Important : all my crochet patterns have copyright!