Maya Shawl Knitting Pattern


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Maya Shawl : a knitting pattern designed for everybody who wants to knit (or learn how to knit) in a fun and easy way.

Maya Shawl is the first design in the collection :
Reasons to knit : 1 (stitch)

I love knitting, I really do.
But I am not (yet) a very advanced knitter.
My life is fun and very busy, and I just want knitting to be relaxing and enjoyable, but I expect great results 🙂

I am keen on learning new knitting skills, but not all at the same time, to keep the fun going.

I kept hearing the same things from a lot of people, they convinced me to to develop my new knitting patterns.

Reasons to knit : 1 is a small collection of 3 knitting designs, with 1 thing in common : the design starts with just 1 stitch. (so no casting on fuss, we will tackle this skill later).

Maya is the first design in this collection.
Starting with just 1 stitch, you knit and knit and knit (no purling !!!) and while you are having a wonderful time (or watch your favourite series on Netflix) your shawl gets shape and becomes larger.
When it is big enough, you simply bind off.

Want to make your shawl totally rock ? Add the optional crochet edging.

Fully written pattern, in English and Dutch, with a chart for the crochet border.

This design can be knitted on circular needles and on straight needles.

Yarn : you can use any yarn !

Ik made my sample shawls with :

  • Maya Farbverlaufsgarn, 1 ball = 400g = 750 m  (measurements of the shawl : 210cm/83,5in wingspan)
  • Borgo de Pazzi Stout, 1 skein = 200g = 300m, I used 2,5 skeins – 750 m (measurements of the shawl : 230cm/91in wingspan)

Needles and hook sizes : 6mm for the shawl with Maya Yarn, and 7 mm for the shawl with Stout Yarn

Skill level : suitable for all levels

Yarns - Garens

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