Crochet shawl: building blocks


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Crochet shawl: building blocks

There is quite a cute story behind the design of this crochet shawl. Annelies Baes, owner and designer of Vicarno, always overheard her sons about touching the sky. ‘The were wondering if it was possible to touch the sky’, she tells. ‘And if it was possible to touch the sky, how would they do it? Would they simple use a ladder, or build blocks and climb up? Or would they need an airplane, or even a rocket? That’s when I had the idea for this crochet shawl.’

Building blocks up to the sky…

The idea of this shawl is to crochet lots of blocks. The lace pattern forms small geometric blocks, together all these blocks form bigger blocks that tower up to the sky. And the centre of the shawl? Well, that’s the ladder of course!

Want to hear another great thing about this crochet shawl? You only need one skein of sock yarn to make it!

The instructions are completely written and there is a chart for the lace stitch pattern as well.

Crochet hook: 3,5 or 4 mm

Yarn  sock weight yarn. Just one skein of about 400 meters is enough to make this shawl. Of course you can use sports weight yarn, as well.

Skill level : intermediate

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